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Jul 28, 2013 12:31 PM

Recommendations near Bodega Bay?

We are looking at a vacation rental in Bodega Bay. We plan on mostly doing our own cooking (stopping in Sebastapol or Petaluma for non-seafood supplies).

But if we want a meal out, does anyone have any recommendation?

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    1. Spud Point Crab Co for lunch.....chowder and crab sandwiches. Really good stuff.

      1. A bit of a drive, but Boon Cafe in Guerneville is very good. (And very busy on weekends.)

        1. More of a drive, but in addition to Terrapin Creek you could try Rocker Oysterfeller. But I love Terrapin Creek.

          1. I haven't been there, but Melanie's post about Fishetarian makes me want to head to Bodega Bay to check it out:

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              I haven't tried the restaurant part of Fishterian, but last week I bought fresh salmon from them, to take home and cook. It was just as advertised, fresh and delicious. I have purchased fresh fish from other sources at Bodega Bay, and my experience with Fishterian was the best. I didn't even have to ask for ice. Once they had the fish ready, they called me over and offered to fill my cooler with ice.