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Jul 28, 2013 10:17 AM

21st Birthday in Hartford, CT area

I'm planning my 21st Birthday dinner for me and ~8 guests. Any recommendations in the Hartford/West Hartford/Farmington area? Most of us are vegetarian, so as long as there are several vegetarian options on the menu, it will work. Also, I'm looking for somewhere nice, but not too expensive since we are all college students. Thanks!

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      One of these days you're going to get slapped by the posting-links-with-no-description fairy I swear :-)

      OP, are you looking for a '21st birthday, woohoo, drink it up!' place, or just a regular restaurant?

    2. How about Tapas in West Hartford's Elmwood section?
      Same area--Vietnam Restaurant (piggybacking on brookerme's Pho 501 suggestion).

      ETA: I also love Bricco, depending on what you order, you might keep it in the "not too expensive" range...definitely the nicest pick listed so far. :)
      Happy birthday!

      1. Might consider some of the better Indian restaurants (vegetarian friendly by nature, and you get to try lots of stuff). Royal Masala in Hartford is back on its game, and there are others in the greater Hartford area.

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          Indian is a great idea! If not in Hartford proper, I really like Priya in Rocky Hill on the Silas Deane--very easy to get to from 91.

        2. What is not too expensive?
          Call apricots in farmington and tell then what you are looking for. Id bet they would do a nice three or four course veggie menu for a reasonable price. The food is good and the setting is great.

          I dont think tapas or pho is a place for a birthday together.

          Bricco is also good. I also like Barcelona.

          Best bet is to just call them up and work out a deal for the group. Most places are willing to work with you.Plus you dont have to worry about people ordering or blowing out the check.

          Drinks may hurt the budget at nicer places.