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Jul 28, 2013 10:07 AM

Am I asking too much of my blender?

I have an Oster Professional Series blender that I seldom use, but for the past few weeks I've been using it for daily smoothies with 'soft' fruit; peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - and it's been working fine.

Today I was using my blender to grind graham crackers for a crust and the blades started to heat up and actually 'cook' the graham crackers. aacckk!

Is this because I was whirring a small amount of food (I needed just a few more graham crackers) or because I'm overtaxing my blender with the smoothies?

I'm loathe to get a new appliance because I like to keep my countertop neat so if there's a more heavy-duty blender instead of a juicer i could get that would do both that would be great. I also have a Cuisinart I could have used for the crust but getting that out of the cabinet and setting it up seemed like a hassle for a few graham crackers. I suspect blending just a half cup of crackers was the culprit.

Because I really try to eat healthy it wouldn't kill me to get a juicer so i could do vegetables instead of fruit. I appreciate any advice you have for me and happy Sunday.

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  1. I don't think the smoothies are overtaxing your blender, I think it was that small amount of cracker crumbs. I had the same problem trying to turn some amaretti cookies into crumbs in my food processor. I later found a much easier way to make cracker/cookie crumbs. Put them in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Perfect crumbs every time.

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      I agree I do not think its the blender, its just the small amount of food being process to much, or to much friction. It could happen with anything. When I have to do small amounts of stuff like that I usually chill or freeze them. It helps with the heat build up. But for small amounts of stuff I often find blenders are just not the tool for the job.

    2. If neatness and compactness of counter equipment is a big concern, you might want to look on eBay for an Oster Kitchen Center. Chances are, your current blender container would fit it.

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        Thank you. I think this item has a bit of a retro look and our kitchen is black/contemporary but I might break down and get a juicer. Thanks for the idea though.

      2. It's my understanding that all whirly-blade blenders (e.g. whirly-blade coffee grinders) heat up dry materials when grinding - the only kind that doesn't, as far as I know, is a burr grinder. They're generally more expensive if you go electric - a hand burr grinder you can often get fairly cheaply.

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