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Jul 28, 2013 09:22 AM


Recommendations for a Sunday dinner in or around Carcassone in late September. Two vegetarians in group who will eat fish and poultry. Others will eat anything!
Thank you

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  1. The restaurant (not the bistro) at Domaine d'Auriac is open on Sunday (through Oct 2nd). It's not inexpensive but the menu seems to cover your requirements and should make for a special evening.

    1. Castelnaudary is not far from Carcassonne and is noted for its cassoulet. Sunday lunch would be a good idea. Restaurant le Tirou on avenue Monseigneur Delangle is just off the A61 highway at Castelnaudary exit and offers a very good cassoulet.

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        1. We ate at a restaurant in the middle of Carcassone on American Thanksgiving in 2012 and had a surprisingly pleasant meal. I wish to heck I remembered the name of the place, but I can tell you that it was pretty much in the center, and it was the nicest looking of various places. I had duck breast and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of us had some sort of curried seafood as a starter that was also very good. I expected very little, given that we were in the center of such a touristy place, and have to say that they exceeded my expectations by quite a bit.