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Jul 28, 2013 08:55 AM


Hey there

Any SE chowhounds on the SE of Calgary ( Southland/Lake Bonnivista/ Minapore) who have recommendations of their favorite diner/ethnic or chain resturant???

don't know this side of town that well for good eats.

Looking for good Indian buffet or dim sum...

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  1. well of course Moti Mahal does a lunch Indian Buffet. We've been to Green Chili more recently.
    I've been going to Mina's Noodle House on MacLeod Trail (Avenida) and Pang pang (Deer Ridge) for years.

    1. I suggest that you try Karma on 130th Ave. A little out of the neighbourhood, but worth the drive for the Indian (lunch) buffet.

        1. I'll give a second for Karma. Their daily lunch buffet, while not being giant, is a nice selection of the usual suspects, and always tasty and flavorful.

          Regarding Dim Sum, there was a little hole in the wall in Bonavista called the Magic Bowl that my wife and I tried a couple years ago that was pretty decent. It even got some love from John Gilchrist. It's not terribly impressive inside, but the food was good.

          1. I had a birthday dinner last night at The Ranche. It's located in Fish Creek Park. The setting, service and food were very nice.

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              The Ranche is an amazing restaurant!! But not a diner/ethnic or chain restaurant.
              I love how seasonal and Canadian it is but man is it dark in there!