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Anything new and exciting on the EV/LES brunch scene?

So many good old standbys [Prune, Back 40, Mogador, Shopsin's, Empellon Cocina, Hecho en Dumbo, Maharlika, Clinton St. Baking]; looking for new and interesting blood...non-traditional is fine, as long as the deliciousness is brought.

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  1. Lafayette?




    Hearth started brunch service recently.


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      Oh, thank you! l've eaten at Calliope a few times; some of their stuff is very good, but on a couple of occasions they've served me cold, inedible potato rosti, so l took them off my list.

      Hearth sounds perfect; thanks again!

    2. I enjoyed Saro on Norfolk st on les yesterday. Portions not big but very tasty.

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      1. re: Missmarymm

        Slovak food, eh? Looks interesting, thanks!

      2. Wound up at Hearth; sat at the bar, ordered the trotters and eggs: delicious, very filling peasant food. Seemed like a simple preparation: tomato-based sauce with lots of rosemary, deep flavor. Fatty, unctuous pieces of pork mixed in with lean, in about equal amounts. Really satisfying. Surprise bonus: a free, very nicely spicy bloody mary, as the [very pleasant] bartender mistakenly made an extra one. Too bad l had to go to work right after that! l'll definitely be back.

        1. I had several great brunches at Hearth.

          1. Really like Boulton Watts on A & Houston (it's a few months new).

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              Thanks, l've been wondering about them; didn't even realize they served food until now! Burgers any good? ;^)

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                Just checked out the brunch menu: looks great!

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                  Everything I had has been good. They have a table in the back with a TV and your own metered tap!

              2. They're not new, but the duck hash with duck eggs at JoeDoe is great, worth checking out if you've never been there for brunch.

                Also, while it's not the EV/LES, it's a very short walk to Nolita where Public serves one of the best brunch menus in town.

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                  Public sounds good, thanks.

                  l've had brunch at joedoe a couple of times, and was so frustrated by the disparity between the good food and the weird, unhelpful service, that l composed this amusing rant:


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                    Wow, weird. I've been there a number of times since they've opened - for brunch and dinner - and never encountered anything like that. Never had to wait to order, and we've been there when it's been nearly elbows-touching jammed. Just the (bad) luck of the draw, I guess. Was it the same server both times?

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                      Yeah, weird is right, and pretty off-putting. At this point l can't remember if it was the same server on both occasions, but the second time l have a feeling [and l could very easily be wrong] it might've been one of the owners? Two of the same strikes is out for me, tho.

                      l can state pretty confidently that we didn't say or do anything to provoke any kind of negative response [with the exception of when l asked what they were out of: l was kind of short with him at that point], as we're both genuinely easygoing; l work in a service-related job, have worked in service, and always treat servers well. Whatever! Plenty of brunch in the sea.