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BYOB in the greater Boston area?

I'm looking for an updated list of BYOB restaurants in the greater Boston area, specifically around Woburn/Tewksbury/Lowell. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thank you! - Lindsey

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  1. hoo boy. here we go...there is no byob in the greater Boston area.

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      Except where there is, like these 4 in groton - a stretch for "greater boston", but not that far from lowell.
      Do other small towns in the outskirts issue carry in permits? I seem to remember one in marblehead years ago...

    2. I think Sweet Basil in Needham has BYOB.

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      1. re: winmeover

        Yes, they do. $5 corkage last time I was there.

      2. several places in Winthrop are BYOB, DeParma's, Rossetti's, Alia. Depends on each city.

        1. not lowell, but close. Acton, two restaurants: Il Forno for Italian and in west Acton, Twin Seafood.

          1. Tokyo Taipei and Central Grill in Woburn

            1. Gustazo in Belmont

              1. Pho1 in Woburn.


                1. in lowell, most places without a license will allow you to bring booze in. we frequently bring wine or beer to viet thai. they provide a wine key and glasses if you want.

                  cambridge/brookline/boston DO NOT allow byob.

                  1. Thank you for all of the suggestions! This is very helpful.

                    1. La Posada (mexican) in Arlington Heights

                      And i remember a friend saying they did BYO in belmont but i forget where

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                        KItchen on Common in Belmont is BYO, with a good wine store right next door.