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Jul 28, 2013 08:03 AM

Looking for Portuguese Bakery

I'm originally from New Bedford and had access to ton of Portuguese foods. Now, in Boston, I'm trying to find a bakery for malasadas! The only ones I found were in Cambridge, in a fish market! I bought them, and even though they were in plastic bag, the tasted like FISH!

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  1. You may want to check one of the Padaria Brasil locations.

    1. I did check them and they didn't even know what malasadas were. Thanks.

        1. re: Chef Bwana

          This doesn't give any where to find them. It has even less info than my post.

          1. re: SwampCatNana

            I posted because it explains why they are hard to find and mentions looking for religious feasts where you can find them fresh (apparently the only way to eat them).

        2. You might give the Cross Street Market in Somerville a call to see if they have them. I found a couple of reports online that they made them, or at least used to. They may be available by request only.

          Cross Street Market
          72 Cross Street, Somerville

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          1. re: wandergirl

            Already tried them. Never even heard of malasadas.

          2. Malasadas, yum, haven't had them since Hawaii!