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Browser "back" button intermittently not working (only on CH)

This is in current FF (22.0) on W7. I think it mainly happens when trying to get back to "Current Discussions" from a particular thread. I click the back button, and a destination URL comes up in the little window at the bottom, but the tab on top says "connecting", with the little green spinning circle, but nothing ever happens. I have to click on "Chowhound" on the toolbar to return to where I was.

Again, never on other sites; just the CH site.

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  1. So I'm the only one with this problem? Paging Engineering?

    As an update, it's not just in "Current Discussions". Seems to randomly happen when trying to return to a board category from a thread.

    1. Yes, happening to me, too, for about 4 days. Annoying.

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      1. re: OCEllen

        Yes, for around 4 days. Thanks for confirming. Doesn't Engineering monitor this board? Last time I posted a site problem, Engineering came in something like 12 days later, with a question that indicated they hadn't properly read my original post.

      2. It's been happening to me for a long time now, but I figured it was just b/c I am on my work computer and using an older version of IE. Doesn't ever happen on my macbook or ipad at home...

        1. Hi Steve.

          It appears this only happens if you have read all the way through a discussion and are at the bottom of the page--at least that's what I've been able to reproduce here. We'll see if we can pinpoint the issue. In the meantime, at the bottom of every discussion, there's a "Back to [BOARD NAME]" button, which should get you where you wanted to go without issue.

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          1. re: DeborahL

            "In the meantime, at the bottom of every discussion, there's a "Back to [BOARD NAME]" button, which should get you where you wanted to go without issue."

            Except the board that the thread is categorized in, is not always (or usually) where I came from, or where I want to go. More often, I'm clicking from the "Chowhound" board which shows the most recent threads.

            FWIW, just went from the bottom of a thread, to a "Discussions you might like" linked thread, but when I tried to click back out of that "thread" (which contained exactly one entry), the browser hung.

            1. re: Steve Green

              Ah, good point about not necessarily wanting to go back to the specific board, but rather the Chowhound home page.

              Thanks for the additional details--the more info we have, the better chance we have of finding the culprit.

          2. i have this issue as well, both at work on Google Chrome and at home on Firefox. It's intermittent though for me. and is not necessarily happening when I get to the bottom of a thread. sometimes I get distracted (or bored) in the middle and try to go back...

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            1. Same problem. I have to refresh to get to the top of a thread, then hit back to return to the first page.

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              1. re: Veggo

                Hi Veggo - When is this happening? Why do you need to refresh to get to the top of the thread? Hopefully we can figure out what's going on..

                Dave MP

                1. re: Dave MP

                  The back button just worked correctly 3 times to your post. Over the last few days, about 1 in 3 times I had to refresh or nothing would happen.
                  EDIT 3 minutes later: it just happened again when I opened topic 859007. Back button did nothing.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    I have this problem but it's because of a long occurring issue with the Chowhound advertisers inserting some type of ad into the address line. If you right click on your back button you see about 100 addresses for an ad. That's why you can't use the back button. I thought they sorted this out several months ago, but it started happening again about 10 days ago.

                    1. re: tlubow

                      Same issue today. A nuisance but tolerable.