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Jul 28, 2013 07:51 AM

Good eats around Geneva on Seneca Lake?

We,ll be staying 3 nights in Geneva on Seneca Lake and am looking for some recommendations in the area. Most of the posts on this subject are a few years old so I'm looking for an update. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Dano's Heuriger is my favorite spot. It's an Austrian restaurant with a great local wine list and microbrews. They have outdoor seating, which is especially nice for lunch as you have views of the lake.

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      Thanks so much for the recommendation! I can't wait for my visit!

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        Love Dano's. They have very inexpensive house wine in a clamp top bottle that goes perfectly with the menu there.

        Dano came by our table to see how everything was and we learned his wife's mother lives right around the corner from us and that they come to Boca regularly to visit her. Small world.

        There is a fabulous farmers market in Ithaca if you have a chance to make it over that way.

        Have a great time - it's a beautiful area.

      2. Halsey's has nice entrees, brick oven pizza, a good wine list, and quality beer. Red Dove Tavern is more of a gastropub/bar - really good. Pure is Indian - heard good things about its authenticity; have not been yet. All these are in the town of Geneva. Seek out Normal Bread also.

        Dano's is at least a half hour away. Suzanne's is wonderful and pricey - a few minutes before Dano's in Lodi.

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          Does the Belhurst Castle still exist? That was the best restaurant back in my college days. (I also loved fishing from their dock.)