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Jul 28, 2013 07:42 AM

Sunday Night- Wilshire and Sepulveda area- need recs please.

I have a out of town friend who is staying near Wilshire and Sepulveda and need recs for a good moderate to inexpensive place to eat on Sunday night. And he doesn't like any kind of seafood (which is strange, him being from Seattle and all).
Is there a place we can eat that's within 5 miles of this location that would be a nice place to show off a little So Cal cuisine?
Open to Mex, Korean, deli etc.

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  1. I think the best cuisine represented in that general area that might be unique to an out-of-towner is Persian. Attari, Shamshiri or Shaherzad are all reasonably priced and accessible to most.

    The restaurants along Sawtelle between Olympic and Santa Monica Blvds are mostly Japanese if that works. Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese as well are along this stretch of Sawtelle. Tapenade, Flores and Plan Check are "outside the box" choices along this street and are worth considering.

    1. +1.

      For Oaxacan, Monte Alban on Santa Monica Blvd. is also well within your driving radius.

      1. I would do Plan Check, definitely.

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          Plan Check has some of the best fried chicken in LA. Good burgers and pastrami too.

        2. You'll love The Six. Pico just East of Overland. Wine and beer only. Parking in the back.