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Jul 28, 2013 05:47 AM

Snowdon/NDG area?

Looking for something tasty and good value in the area for a late lunch today. Any recommendations? While first choice is Chinese, Thai, or other Asian, anything good would be good.


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  1. This area isn't exactly known for its asian maybe except for korean but I heard it's nothing special. What do you mean by good value? do you have a price range? Fay wong near the CSL mall was somewhat decent over 10 years ago I dunno how it is now. If you are looking for something more upscale, Iwaki Jardin has a 6 course menu for 27$. Very interesting flavors but small portions.

    1. Non-asian, but great value and quite tasty: Chalet BBQ (5456 Sherbrooke St W)
      (Note: Chalet BBQ might technically be outside the borough of NDG...I might have been scolded on this point in the past)

      I haven't tried, but Iwaki Jardin is getting positive remarks

      I'm tentative to make a reccomendation (it might be too budget or pedestrian), but Chinada

      Theres a cluster of Korean places including
      Seoul BBQ, Kagopa, Shabu Shabu, Chez Hwang, and Hwang Kum on Sherbrooke/St. Jacques near Cavendish (maybe search the boards for Korean on suggestions


      Just outside Snowdon is Cotes Des Neiges, chock full of Vietnamese places including a favorite, Pho Lien, corner Cotes St Catherine/Cotes de Neiges

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      1. re: porker

        FYI, that Hwang Kum was closed a few days ago so I'm assuming they are taking a week or two off (didn't bother reading what the sign on the door said).

        Porker, are any of those other Korean joints as good or better than Hwang Kum? That's our go to Korean these days.

        To OP, there's good Mexican on Monkland (Amaranto) but I believe they are closed on Sundays. Parthenon Souvlaki or Silva for Portuguese chiken on Queen Mary is also an option.

        Porker, I don't know the precise borders of all our boroughs but it doesn't get more synonymous than the words Chalet BBQ and NDG. There's no doubt in my mind that it's in NDG.

        1. re: JerkPork

          Heres an old thread on Korean discussing some of these places

          I never got to try Hwang Kum (although I snicker everytime I see the name...), so can't make a one to one comparison.
          We tried Shabu Shabu and it was just OK - I prefer Chez Hwang across from Momesso's on Upper Lachine.
          Seoul BBQ is pretty good, but haven't been there in many years (I think their original location was across the street in the lobby of a condo).
          Never tried Kagopa...

          On the geography might have been Villa du Souvlaki or maybe something a bit more east that I was commenting on. Someone replied very sternly that it WAS NOT NDG and went on to explain the nuances between NDG, Montreal West, and Westmount...

          @ rikk: you have at least 4 people wondering where you chose to eat!

          1. re: porker

            Yah, I always get a good chuckle with "Hwang Kum". :-)

            Yah, people need to chill when it comes to the semantics of boroughs, I see that going on quite often in here.

            1. re: porker

              The problem is there are so many choices and the need to satisfy six people.... I remember kam shing on van Horne used to be good. That may be the fall back option

        2. There's also Hoai Huong on Victoria and Thanjai on Van Horne.

          1. Ok thanks. Trying to focus. Cote des beiges area also works. Not Vietnamese. A good Chinese would be best for all our party as a compromise. Thanks

            1. How bout quartier des perses by villa Maria metro for a change of pace. It's Persian and their kebabs are excellent and good value.