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Jul 28, 2013 12:35 AM

New generation Chinese cuisine & natural wine in Gaienmae.

Shinsaku Katsuyama, of Shonzui fame, has just opened a new generation Chinese restaurant, called 楽記 (pronounced 'lucky'). Food is paired with an impressive selection of international and domestic natural wines - hitting two food trends with one stone, perhaps? If the opening party is any indication, his new venture looks like its going to be roaring success. As yet, no website or reviews, but I expect that the local press will be picking up the story soon.

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  1. The Japan Times column on Shonzui, where we've had many great evenings, reminded me of this place (although the Japan Times hasn't been there and therefore failed to get that rakki = lucky). The chinese bbq is excellent, see here for example:

    And so is the tripe:

    The wine list is as eclectic as you'd expect, and prices are very reasonable, but the ambience is seriously, and surprisingly lacking.