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Jul 27, 2013 10:48 PM

What to do with gravlax

I made a fish worth of gravlax recently. I took half of it to a party (where it vanished quickly), but I still have a lot left. Any suggestions (besides bagels and cream cheese)? I'm thinking of a simple pasta and salmon dish, maybe with a sour cream based sauce to cut some of the saltiness.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. l slice mine sushi cut size and serve with a sauce of sour cream and sushi ginger chiffonaded, or as sushi with an eel sauce dip.
    l find if heated the salt in the cure is too noticeable for me.

    1. Have u tried pickled lox?? It's yummy

      1. Simple pasta as you described, but maybe a light bechamel instead, maybe with some tarragon, or even simpler, a wine/olive oil maybe with some dill.

        I've made a risotto with goat cheese and smoked salmon that would suit gravlax perfectly.

        A Nicoise type salad. The great thing about that salad is that ingredients are very flexible. Substituting a smaller portion of gravlax for the tuna would make a nice light salad. You could always increase the protein by adding an extra egg.

        1. It's excellent grilled.

          In quesadillas.

          On homemade pizza.


          1. I just read about a dish from a NYC rest. that sounded good: a pastry shell filled with potato and sour cream and dill, covered with thick slices of gravlax sprinkled with chopped chives.