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What to do with gravlax

I made a fish worth of gravlax recently. I took half of it to a party (where it vanished quickly), but I still have a lot left. Any suggestions (besides bagels and cream cheese)? I'm thinking of a simple pasta and salmon dish, maybe with a sour cream based sauce to cut some of the saltiness.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. l slice mine sushi cut size and serve with a sauce of sour cream and sushi ginger chiffonaded, or as sushi with an eel sauce dip.
    l find if heated the salt in the cure is too noticeable for me.

    1. Have u tried pickled lox?? It's yummy

      1. Simple pasta as you described, but maybe a light bechamel instead, maybe with some tarragon, or even simpler, a wine/olive oil maybe with some dill.

        I've made a risotto with goat cheese and smoked salmon that would suit gravlax perfectly.

        A Nicoise type salad. The great thing about that salad is that ingredients are very flexible. Substituting a smaller portion of gravlax for the tuna would make a nice light salad. You could always increase the protein by adding an extra egg.

        1. It's excellent grilled.

          In quesadillas.

          On homemade pizza.


          1. I just read about a dish from a NYC rest. that sounded good: a pastry shell filled with potato and sour cream and dill, covered with thick slices of gravlax sprinkled with chopped chives.

            1. Cubed and scrambled with eggs and red onions, served topped with a dollop of dilled sour cream.

              1. Mix it with some fresh herbs, egg and breadcrumbs and make salmon cakes? Maybe even throw some shredded zucchini in there too.

                Flaked over a salad with a light vinaigrette.

                Form them into hamburger patties with a little binder and some seasonings of choice and grill them. Put them on a grilled roll with some lettuce, tomato, red onion and spicy brown mustard.

                Or maybe try something along the lines of a crab rangoon, and make a filling with it and stuff it into wonton wrappers and deep fry them.

                1. add to scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives…maybe some shallots

                  1. Sear it quickly in a hot pan.
                    Put it on a cedar plank with mashed piped potatoes and then just broil the whole ting.


                    1. I sometimes use it for Sunday morning breakfast instead of bacon. I just roll the thin slices into little cigar shapes and suck them into my mouth slowly; the fish oil on my lips is sooooo good. Sorry but those who said that chocolate was sex on a plate never tried gravlax this way.

                      1. Shuba! In lieu of herring. Yum.

                        1. Doesn't cooking it defeat the purpose? You might as well just use regular salmon filets. I'd eat it the traditional way with a mustard-dill sauce and some dark bread, or Wasa bread. You could top that with a slice of hardboiled egg. Alternately, small slices on top of cucumber slices with a smidgen of goat cheese (perhaps blended with cream cheese to make it spreadable).