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Jul 27, 2013 09:41 PM

How to make these cookies photo attached

I know these cookies have egg whites, ground almonds, sugar and chocolate. Does anyone have the recipe? Thx

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  1. Searching for langues de chat recipes might get you pointed in the right direction.

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    1. re: caganer

      I did look that up, they have butter and flour and these don't. Good suggestion though!0

    2. Have you tried google image search?

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      1. These might also be biscotti?

        1. Just curious, did you take the photo from a cookbook, or did you find it online?

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          1. re: gmm

            A cookbook with the recipe page torn out....I noticed the were called choc almond petit fours....but it is not a petit four! How do you google with a photo?.. It is a cookie similar to a amaretto no flour

            1. re: heylids

              You can do an image search using Google Images, but I tried that and didn't find anything. But I did a regular Google search for "chocolate almond petit fours egg whites ground almonds"
              and this was one of the results:
              The texture looks different from your photo, but obviously a similar cookie.

              1. re: gmm

                That's the ones!! Thank you thank you! And too everyone else who responded...

              2. re: heylids

                Also - if you know the name of the cookbook, you could try a search using the name of the cookbook and the recipe name, or be able to find a copy of the book at the library or a bookstore.