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Jul 27, 2013 08:33 PM

Chada Thai, Vitner Grill, am I doing?

We have waited years to go to Todd's and they are closed for vacation, of course, when we want to go. They were so nice to give me suggestions on where I should go. Our all time favorite restaurant was Rosemary's...oh how we miss that place. But we found Vitner's Grill (over Table 34, Marche Bacchus,), Chada Thai (will we miss Lotus of Siam and their deep fried Garlic Prawns by going to Chada...but we love wine and Thai), EAT for lunch, Wicked Spoon for brunch, and now we need to finalize with a great steakhouse. Looking at Charlie Palmer's and seeing what their cut of the week much much joy!

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  1. I think you are likely to be very happy. The one place on your list I've never been to is VG, and there have been no recent reports on this board that I can think of -- hope you will give us the blow-by-blow after the fact.

    1. If it helps your timing and decision-making, the Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week menu is usually posted early Monday afternoons.

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          Here is is an interesting new option on the table, if you are not enamored with this week's particular "Cut of the Week" offering at Charlie Palmer - That looks awfully good for the price point, although we have yet to give it a try (we will soon).