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Pho Shop Farmingdale (fka The Rolling Spring Roll) to open Wednesday

July 31... tentatively. So saith his Facebook page.

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  1. Good news! Tentatively, of course :-)

      1. Looks like, despite the permit filings, the shop is called "Rolling Spring Roll" not Pho Shop.

          1. Open. Had a delicious lunch. Welcome back Joe!

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              Having lunch there right now. OMG, this is amazing. The aromas alone from the pho... you could bottle it and use as air freshener.

              1. re: Scott_R

                Scott, thx for your first response. Do you recal lwhether they have seafood pho?

                1. re: budcar

                  The menu, attached... see second post (only one photo attached; editing let me delete it but not add the second).

            2. I think it was pork, beef, or chicken pho.

              1. I went yesterday for lunch. They are waiting for word on permit to add more tables in the place. Every table was taken while I was there. Food is as good as always, and the bonus is that they expanded the menu a bit. Yea!

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                    Service was fine...faster than waiting online at the truck. Order at the counter then take a seat if you are eating in. They will bring to you. Dont know where they will add more tables tho.

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                      Service was good and with a friendly smile. Joe's wife waited on us. Took our order at the table. Portions big and DELISH.

                  2. My wife and I went for dinner tonight. We ordered chicken pho, a banh mi with veggies and chicken and summer rolls.The banh mi and the summer rolls were tasty and up to snuff. The pho with chicken was a little unusual. the broth was light and mildly flavored with I believe either rice or bean thread noodles and it looked like the shards of chicken were thrown in at the last minute. A bowl of bean sprouts, basil leaves and two slices of lime accompanied the soup. The menu was the one posted by Scott R There was no expanded menu as another poster offered. The place is small, clean and the manager and server were welcoming and helpful. I had expected to order at the counter but ordering was done at the table. Guess they learned fast about tipping. Would I return? Mekong, our traditional Vietnamese place is forty minutes from my house.This one is half that. With tis consideration in mind, I would still choose Mekong because of its expanded menu which now includes soup dumplings and overall better food. Hope the menu is expanded. Overall, it was a welcome addition to LI dining. Additionally, it is the sole Vietnamese restaurant on the island.

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                      I think the poster who mentioned the expanded menu was speaking in comparison to the food truck.

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                        Yes, I was comparing the menu to the food truck.

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                        Where is Mekong, and are those Vietnamese soup dumplings or Shanghai style (i.e. is Mekong strictly Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Chinese)?

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                          Scott, Are you saying the food truck had a larger menu than the restaurant? EZPass, Mekong is in the shopping center at 156St and Northern Blvd. I profess no expertise about soup dumplings except that they are equal to Nan Xiang and Joe's Shanghai which are my two go to places and the former being the prime Chowhound rec for soup dumplings among posters in my informal poll.

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                            The opposite. The OP (Synergy) said that the current menu has expanded compared to how it had been, i.e., the store's selection is greater than what the truck offered.

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                              From what I saw of the menu it is pretty meager for a restaurant. Three kinds of pho, a few banh mi and a couple of spring and summer rolls do not a restaurant make. The place was filled with diners last night about 8:00 pm , a good sign and I hope they make it. Incidentally,Tiny Thai next door was closed. Sad. Farmingdale nevertheless was hopping.

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                                I don't know what the issue is. A modest selection of great food is better than a great selection of middling food. And you're playing down the selection a bit; there are also seven entrees/platters. In fact, I've always thought that a very large menu is a worrisome indicator of quality.

                                The day I went, Tiny Thai was filled to overflowing.

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                              Budcar, thanks for the info on Mekong. I looked at the menu and it looks like a combo of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Yes it has a much more extensive menu, but it also doesn't have banh mi--which is what I most like at Rolling Spring Roll. The truck's menu--and now the restaurant's--is very comparable to Hanco's and Nicki's, banh-mi / pho places in the City.

                              There are so many Chinese-owned places on Long Island that serve up a multitude of Asian cuisines. I like that RSR concentrates just on Vietnamese.

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                                I omitted the platters since we hadn't tried any. When I think of Vietnamese, I think of pho. I do hope they can incorporate seafood pho into their menu and I do wish them success in their endeavor, since, LI needs a Vietnamese restaurant and Rolling Spring Roll , a strange charming name for a restaurant, is the first.

                        2. I was always a big, big fan of the truck. It was walking distance to my office and would often order not only for lunch, but food to bring home for dinner.

                          I am delighted that they opened up the restaurant. Joe and his family work hard, are genuinely nice people, and I wish them tremendous success. The food is good, fresh, how can you not enjoy fresh mint and cilantro, seasoning terrific. If you like it hotter, Joe will crank up the heat.

                          It's not easy to open up a place, especially in today's economy. I'm sure they will have a learning curve and a year from now it will be even better. For those that didn't know Joe and his food from his truck...have a little patience. :-)

                          1. The menu has been updated:

                            1. Was there yesterday had summer rolls and the beef pho, both excellent. The peanut sauce for the summer rolls was maybe a touch too sweet, but still enjoyed it. Noodles in the Pho were a bit overcooked for my taste, but I haven't had enough Pho to know if that's how they should be. Didn't matter too much the Pho broth hit the spot.

                              Sadly I never got to try the truck, but look forward to further eating at this place.

                              Some decent beer to be had a few doors down at the Republic Pub (besides craft stuff at Republic try the Guinnes makes a big difference when it's done right) and across the street at Croxley's. I like the Six Points Righteous usually on tap at Croxley's. Also I doubt anyone would be still hungry after a bowl of Pho, but Croxley's also has good wings.

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                                One issue with rice noodles is that they're so touchy, they can literally overcook in the hot broth as you're eating them.

                                1. re: Scott_R

                                  That was my issue with the pho, too. I think the noodles they use are a bit too thin, and overcook quickly. Broth was very good. Could use some more fish sauce.

                                  We tried the short rib bowl, and while tasty, it also suffered from overcooked noodles.

                                  Crispy spring rolls were very good, but served with just a few pieces of anemic iceberg lettuce, hardly enough to wrap around the roll. Dipping sauce too sweet, easily remedied with a few squeezes of lime.

                                  I went there the first day it opened, and didn't expect it to be excellent yet, but I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, a good, solid start. I'm looking forward to watching it evolve.

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                                    I'm not the sort of chowhound who tries to finagle the restaurant to suit my prefs (I feel like that always leads to tears), but this might be a rare situation where that could help. If enough people either complain about overcooked noodles, or specially request less cooking time on them, it could make a real diff.

                                    And this site allows diners to coordinate, ensuring that such feedback arrives en masse, to everyone's benefit (including the restaurateur).

                                    How's "Tiny Thai" next door?

                                    1. re: Jim Leff

                                      I had the bahn mi and summer rolls last night--both were great. Hope they stick around...

                                        1. re: synergy

                                          Went there for lunch last week and the remarkable thing about the place is that one waitress was all they had handling about ten tables of hungry diners. I repeat one waitress and one cook for the restaurant. She served, took orders, cleaned tables and scurried. I suggested that she hire additional personnel and a scowl appeared on her face. The wait for a table was about 20 minutes and she managed to get it all done seemingly pissed all the while. The food was decent and no one raised a fuss . Great subject for a reality show.

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                                            If it's the waitress I'm thinking of--and I don't know of other waitresses--she's always been sweet to me.

                                            I'm not sure what the reality show comment is all about.

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                                              It's a family business that is trying to get off the ground with expanding from a truck to a 'storefront'. When I was there when they first opened, the whole family was there pitching in helping. I was talking to Joe's wife. She said she took vacation time from her full time job to open the place up and help out.

                                              Have patience with these wonderful people who are trying to make a good go of it. I think the food is worth it.