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Jul 27, 2013 07:35 PM

Fancy Chinese Take Out: Square on Square

Sure made my life easy. Every dish was good won-ton soup especially so, homemade dumplings, tasty broth. Expensive for Chinese food,at
$119 for 4, but I did order jumbo oysters (steep at $27); a 1 1/2 pound
lobster, a duck dish, a scallop dish, and egg roll, two kinds of soup.

I guess I just prefer having Chinese food hot, and not all brought out at once. Probably the duck dish would have been great fresh, but by the time we ate it it had been sitting in sauce and wasn't crisp. Family loved
everything, and I'd do it again, but in truth, I did prefer the oysters at Taste Queen, and the lobster dish also. It isn't a fair comparison though,
to compare on site to take out.

When we were in Amsterdam, the two of spent $93 for a most prosaic
Chinese meal, so I shouldn't complain...

Delivery was prompt, everything was piping hot; thanks Square on Square
for making my life easy.

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