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Dec 17, 2003 04:22 PM

What's to eat in Boerne?

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I'll be in Boerne, north of San Antonio, over Christmas and would love to eat anything and everything. I suppose I have a particular craving for Mexican. Can anyone comment on places, Mexican or otherwise, in or near Boerne?


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  1. Po-Po Family Restaurant. Chicken-fried steak, fried chicken, lots more. Yum.


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      Thanks for posting the URL for Po-Po's. Always wondered what the deal was with all those plates.

      Another fun things to do in Boerne is to visit the Sister Creek Winery which is quite close to Boerne.

      Chris in Pearland, TX

      1. re: Chris

        Ha, here's another interesting place.
        We actually stopped here around lunchtime a few years back when we were doing a quick tour in the Hill Country. Out back there was some excellent BBQ being cooked. Salivating at the prospect of a good lunch, we asked, only to be told they only did private functions and that's what the BBQ was for. Disappointment.
        Looks like one night a week they do food for the public now. Could be fun.


    2. Here's a brief thread from awhile back.

      There's also a place not far from Boerne called the Welfare Cafe that sounds interesting, though I haven't been there. They have their own website,


      1. There is a good brewpub in Boerne, the "something" Duck. It's on Hwy 46 by the river. Pretty good beer and pretty good food. And you can watch the ducks.

        1. Here's another recommendation for the Dodging Duck Brewpub! Cute place, nice views of Cibolo Creek from their deck, and the most innovative food in the immediate area. Limestone Grill is also good, if not quite as adventurous foodwise, but the building is interesting. Po-Po's is o.k., though to my way of thinking more typical of the food found at most restaurants in the area--chicken fried this and that (which is fine for a change, but I get tired of seeing the same items on every menu!).


          1. About eight years ago I stayed at the Guadalupe River Ranch, a resort which had a great dining room. If it's still as good, I highly recommend it for a nice dinner.


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              Well, I hope the dinners are better than the lunches because we had lunch there about a month ago and it was truly awful! The high points of two lunches were the Bloody Marys! I had some sort of sandwich featuring tasteless turkey and an avocado with dark spots that should have been cut away....a lot of it went back to the kitchen as it just wasn't worth eating! The menu clearly said sandwiches were served with chips and fruit--when I asked the waitress about the missing chips, she said she had NEVER seen them served with it but perhaps she could "find some" (thanks, but no thanks!!). My husband's turkey Reuben was slightly better, but we left vowing never to return! Too bad because the views and setting are pleasant! I've heard that it changed hands not all that long ago, so hopefully they are working on The Food Problem--or at least The Lunch Problem! I also think they are attempting to work on more obvious problems such as the fact that not all the view windows were even clean, nor the walls opposite our table. Nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix, but hopefully they'll get out those paintbrushes soon!
              In the meantime, I strongly urge anybody to go to the Dodging Duck Brew Pub in Boerne instead!! In fact, when we left the GRR, we were still somewhat hungry since much of lunch had been inedible, so we stopped at the Brew Pub for chips, salsa and guacamole (no black spots on their avocados, thank goodness!).