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Jul 27, 2013 05:42 PM

Pig Ate My Pizza Wait Times?

Wow, I'm surprised that I can't find any info about this, is this board just too fancy for pizza? Just wondering how the wait times are before I make the drive out to Robbinsdale. Seems to be getting great reviews on Yelp.

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  1. I would say no. I have had no issues with wait times generally unless at peak times which is not specific to Pig. There are quite a few posts about pizza here...and pizza can be fancy just like anything. Fancy is perception, not genre generally.

    1. I was there last night shortly after opening at 5. Waited an hour....shortly after it was a 2 hour wait, people were standing all over the restaraunt.

      1. We were there on Thursday night, around 6 PM. The two of us got seated at one of the community tables around 6:20. There were only about 3-4 groups waiting at that time. An hour later, the waiting area was packed, and there seemed to be several larger groups trying for seating.

        By the way, the food was outstanding. We had the "wabbit" (rabbit terrine wrapped in speck, with beet puree, broken carrot vinaigrette, addictive toasted wild rice, and pickled beet small dice); the leek-potato soup (hot soup poured over mini-fried ham & cheese sandwiches, buttered popcorn, potato chips, and dried cherries); the Big Ginger (Korean BBQ pizza with Filipino meatballs, red cabbage kimchee, and soft scrambled eggs); and the Cider Ham Rules (apple-braised (?) shredded ham, diced apple, pureed black garlic, and salt & pepper potato chips).

        I wouldn't order the Cider Ham Rules again. Although the shredded ham was fantastic, the rest of the pizza was just "good," and it was exceptionally greasy. The Big Ginger was a terrific, unusual combination, and the potato-leek soup was another surprising winner.

        The tasting menu looked like a good value, but far too much food for us. Come hungry!

        1. Wait was about 20 minutes @8 on a Thursday night. FYI, it's more or less communal dining if you have a small party.

          The food is very good, though I think they have some work to do to get the pizza up to par with the rest (the dough is pretty meh).

          The downside is that the waiting area is immediately under the speakers. The music is extremely loud and intentionally bad for irony reasons (and very explicitly vulgar, which is an odd choice since children are invariably present).

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            Yeah, it is very loud. The music seemed to be mostly Michael Jackson and other '80s pop when we were there. It's a loud enough place without blaring music.

            I like the pizza crust, myself. I think it's intentionally more of a brioche-style dough to hold up to the super-heavy mounds of toppings without either collapsing or turning into a brick.

          2. We on Saturday night at 7 pm. There was a line. They were managing it well. People had beers. They brought out apps for parties that had longer than normal waits (big parties). I was with my wife and to get a seat for 2 took less time than it took me to finish a pint and I can finish a pint pretty fast.

            The people in line were interesting. We made some new friends. I was happy, but I wouldn't go at peak times with a party of 6 or 8. Even 4 might be dicey at 7 pm on Friday or Saturday.

            Really enjoyed the food and the show. Like Umami, lots of energy. Crust was interesting on the pizza. Sort of 1/2 way between Punch's crust and a cracker crust? I don't really know how to describe it, but it was good. The toppings were interesting too. The liverwurst appetizer was amazing. Maybe the promise-little-deliver-alot dynamic was at work due to the name? Microgreens salad was good too.