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Jul 27, 2013 04:04 PM

Can you make an amazing mismatch set out of try-me pieces?

Just curious if you can do it, if it would be worth it etc...

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  1. Most of the try me pieces I see are medium fry pans. Maybe I need to get out more. There are pieces most people (who cook a lot) will need that just don't seem to show up in "try me" offerings...large sauté, 10 qt stockpot, 12" fry pan, etc. So my guess is no, but I can till hope!

    1. You would be missing all large pieces. If you only cooked for one it might be possible.

      1. I've never seen one I'd use. They all seem to be quite small.

        1. As others have noted, 'try me' pieces tend to be small. But they could supplemented with pieces from TJ Maxx and similar stores. Two years ago I found a pair of 3 qt. sauciers at TJM for $30 ea. I bought both and gave one to my son. Great find. A couple of months ago I picked up an induction-ready Calphalon tri-ply 12" frypan, also $30.

          My only 'try me' piece is a 1.5 qt saucepan, which was a rare find, as they're usually 8-9" frypans. But if you're cooking for one, it could be done!

          1. Maybe not a complete set, but they can be excellent components of a mismatched collection that you put together by patient scrounging / saving up / birthday-hint-dropping, etc.

            Mine was put together over a couple of years of ebay shopping, and includes a Falk try-me (1.5 liter saucier) that inspired me to put together a set of copper lined with stainless in the first place. The saucier's in constant use -- making bechamel, reducing sauces, rendering schmalz, heating herbs and spices in oil for 'tadka' additions to beans... a very useful size for cooking for two to four.