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Jul 27, 2013 03:08 PM

French restuarant on Burnet Rd

It seems to me that there was discussion of a French restaurant going in on Burnet Rd.. It seems it was to named Arros. But now I see that a French restaurant is going in on 6th named Arros. Can someone please straighten me out on this. Thanks.

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  1. Quote is from Austin Eater:
    That sister restaurant to Easy Tiger and 24 Diner that'll be going into the now-shuttered Haddingtons space on West Sixth Street? Is none other than Arro, chef Drew Curren's as-yet-unopened "casual interpretation of a French restaurant," which was originally slated to open in the old Austin Diner space on Burnet Road, but will move downtown instead. From a press release sent by the ELM Restaurant Group this morning:

    Arro, the latest restaurant concept developed by ELM Restaurant Group (24 Diner, Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden), will open in the coming months at 601 W. Sixth St., the former site of Haddingtons American Tavern. Originally slated for Burnet Road, the project was relocated to the downtown location after months of negotiations between the two groups.
    Arro's is so-called "from the French phrase "arroser la vie," loosely translated to 'make a toast to life' or 'baste life.'" Curren will operate Arro with his wife, pastry chef Mary Catherine Curren.

    and they have a Facebook page.

    1. They switched up...the French restaurant went downtown and in the space on Burnet Road they're putting in a Lucy's Fried Chicken.

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