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Jul 27, 2013 03:03 PM

Budget Lunch suggestions between Via Sacra and Piazza Del Popolo

First timers to Rome...Most of our meals are looking like La Campana, Emiliana Coline, Antico Arco, Enoteca Corsi etc..(all suggestions by foodie friends and through reading boards, etc...)

We're taking a sort of "lay of the land" tour on Sunday, September 29th. Part one of the tour ends at the Via Sacra and we have about 2 hours or so to eat lunch at a place of our choosing and then meet up with the group at the Piazza del Popolo for part two.
There seem to be some recommendations near the Piazza of Pastificio, Enoteca Antica, Fiaschetteria Beltramme? Also Dal Bolognese (which seems to have very mixed reviews.)

Is L'Asino d'Oro a solid option for lunch? Enoteca Corsi and Nerone were our top choices but both seem to be closed on Sundays...

Ideally we'd love to be able to sit, have a glass of wine, a delicious meal, and relax before part two begins. Something casual and budget friendly would be a perk as well as not being too touristy. We love really good, simple food but also like surprises.

Would love your input!


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  1. Those end and start points practically leave you with the whole historic center as an option. L'asino d'oro is closed on sundays, too and dal bolognese is hardly a budget option. I suggest enoteca provincia romana, where you can have a nice local meal with local wines without breaking the bank. It is a special project restaurant/winebar supported by the city government and uses only products from Rome county.

    1. If you prefer to cross town first and eat closer to where you will be rejoining your group, I believe Babette is open on Sundays, has menu surprises, and is casual and quite favorably priced.

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        Thanks for these suggestions! I think we're leaning toward Enoteca Provincia you think we need to make a reservation for lunch?

      2. la campana is a classic sunday lunch spot and in the zone. why not go there on your Sunday?

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            Thought about la campana too but dismissed it: op has 2 hours in which they need to walk from colosseo to piazza del popolo and eat. La campana sunday lunch can not be done in such a short time, at least not properly enjoying it.
            A reservation at enoteca provincia romana would surely not hurt.

            1. re: vinoroma

              True. I had overlooked the time constraints when adding my two cents. Thanks for pointing this out. Plus, it looks like they are doing La Campana for dinner, as stated in the first post.

        1. Thanks all for these great suggestions. I think we're going to try to do enoteca provincia romana...apparently they don't take reservations for lunch so hopefully we'll have enough time. :)