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Jul 27, 2013 02:24 PM

Beef Jerky shop near Pike Market

We went to Seattle on our honeymoon in 2005. We were walking behind the market [on Post Alley, perhaps] and they were handing out sample of jerky. I had never tried jerky, having always just assumed it was the 7/11 quality. The jerky from this shop was amazing! It was made from tenderloin if I remember correctly and wasn't salty but so flavorful.

I cannot remember the shop name - I am pretty sure they sold only the jerky in different flavors.

Can anyone help me out with the name and more importantly - are they still there? Heading back soon for our anniversary and would love to buy some of this tasty treat. Thanks~

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  1. It might have been Oberto. They dont have a place in PPM but they're factory is east of the city off from Rainer Ave. They offer stuff at the factory store that they don't mass produce for national shipping. There is also a real good smokehouse store on Aurora Ave. just north of the city, sorry it's been a long time.

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    1. in 2005, stewart's meats (which specializes in jerky and other dry-cured meats) had a small shop on pike place adjacent to post alley. they've given up the storefront (which currently sells cheesecake) but still set up a small booth every weekend on the west side of the north arcade with a large selection of their wares.