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Jul 27, 2013 02:03 PM

Just our luck...Todd's closed for two weeks!!! what to do?

After many years of wanting to go to Todd's Unique Dining...they
are off from July 29th to August 15th...because they're going fishing!
Where should we go???? We want something like Todd's...We are going to Chada Thai and narrowing our choices for a steakhouse (that doesn't break the bank)!

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  1. Steakhouses that do not break the bank are sadly foreign to Las Vegas - once the price points got set, even average places were able to play along. But you can check the "Cut of the Week" menu at Charlie Palmer Steak (the Four Seasons, at Mandalay Bay) to see if it fits your tastes on the week that you are here ( It is also much easier to get to than so many casino Steakhouses - valet at the Four Seasons is about a 2-minute walk to the restaurant.

    If you are thinking of something along the lines of Todd's, perhaps The Barrymore ( Those booths in the main dining area provide the kind of "old school" feel and service that have unfortunately become rare these days.

    While at Chada, you may also want to ask for any "off the menu" specials they have going that night. And of course the requisite "pairings" to go with those specials - so much of what the kitchen does is with that particular notion in mind.

      1. Truly sorry that Todd's will be closed during your visit (but everyone deserves a vacation). Next time! Table 34 is good, but it's not Todd's! Think QAW offered good advice with his recommendation of the Barrymore.