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Jul 27, 2013 01:10 PM

L@@king for specific style cutting board

This is a 9"x12" plastic cutting board that I got 20ish years ago at some supermarket or other in the Boston suburbs. If memory serves, it was one of those weekly promotions where a different gadget, or plate or serving piece, is offered for sale for every week, in hopes customers will shop there regularly so as to amass the entire set. There are no markings of any sort anywhere on this thing. I have used it daily and like the way it pours neatly into bowl or pan. But it now has a major crack and will eventually split. Meanwhile, I no longer cut meat on it because it's impossible to be sure that washing will remove meat juices that have gotten into the crack.

I have looked in vain for this style board on both Amazon and eBay. I know there are flexible cutting mats, and have one, but I prefer this solid board. Does anyone know if they are still sold, and where? Thx

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  1. Not the same board but has the same function. I've seen a similar board when visiting the MOMA here in nyc. It was designed by Mark Sanders and comes in green or white:

    1. OK I can't match it either.....BUT..for years I searched for a plastic board that also would have a runnel or channel to capture meat juices, figuring that I could at least put in the dishwasher. Finally found it Bed Bath & Beyond. The arry of kitchen "stuff" there is astounding. Suggest you check them out and ask.

      1. Okay...if I ever need a kidney....you owe me. :P

        I found your exact board:

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          Nicely done. And it doesn't hurt that it costs under five dollars. Well played!

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            Hmmm....my kidneys aren't in the best shape but neither is that link. I got a 403 forbidden access message thrice, then when I typed only the website address into my browser I got another page that said there was a problem with the site and to report it to skylands webmaster, which I have done.

            So thank you, I think! How on earth did you locate it?

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              I hope you get it ironed out. The link works fine for me and i tried it several times since you said it was giving you a problem. The picture is exactly what you are after by the looks of it . Good luck

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                yes, the link that you posted works - how on earth did you find the exact board?

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                  Google's Reverse Image Search works wonders. Works on fake profile pictures too. :)

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                No problems accessing it on any of my computers. Are you accessing it from a mobile device or ipad? Maybe the link cant open as well on those devices. It can also be regional. So if you're from the UK, that might be the issue. If you still cant open it, its called the Cut and Scoop Funnel Shape Cutting Board.

                I found it pretty quickly. At first I tried to do a reverse image search on google by dragging your image into Google images. That did nothing. Then I searched "raised edge cutting board" and found a board in a similar design but they weren't selling it. I just did a reverse image search from there and found it.

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                  Just Googled cut and scoop and that got me the website but it didn't come up. However, it did also come up on ebay through Google as the cut and scoop funnel but that was almost thirteen dollars.

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                    Thanks to you and suzigirl! All versions of e-mail addresses to skylands bounced back, but knowing the correct name of the board (not one I'd have guessed), it came up on TheFind.com. Going past the more pricey eBay ones, I found one at another site (raymond) which was $6, noted as discontinued but one still in stock, so I ordered it right away.
                    Shipping is almost as much, but it's still not expensive, and should last the rest of my days! The original only cracked because I was pounding a chicken breast on it when the surface the board sat on was not absolutely flat....d'oh!

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                      Glad that you found it. I may get a couple for me. One for meat, one for veg. Pretty cool board, well obviously! Its still in production

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                        Im happy to hear that. Should you ever want another one, you can also order by phone from Skyland. Here is their phone number:

                        Just ask for their Cut and Scoop™ Funnel Shape Cutting Board. Its $4.34.

                  2. If you decide you need another, I saw a nearly identical board at my local BB&B two days ago. I didn't notice the price.