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Buying a whole Beef Brisket in Calgary & area.

Where is the best place buy a whole packer Beef Brisket in Calgary, 10 - 12 lbs.
I have a new smoker and wanting to graduate beyound the usual ribs and pulled pork.

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  1. We've used Bon Ton meats in NW at Stadium shopping mall for our brisket and pork butt needs for smoking. http://www.bontonmeatmarket.com/
    Always friendly staff and service. Good meat too albeight not competitive pricing. They take phone orders too.
    Happy smoking.

    1. I have had good luck at safeway.

      1. I expect you can order a brisket from pretty much any smaller or independent butcher in town. That said, I have ordered brisket ( and other cuts of beef that you don't always run into) from Red Deer Lake Meats, located west of Spruce Meadows and south of the 22x.

        1. I get mine from Master Meats 120 - 40th Ave NW. never frozen and always seems to have them.

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          1. I can't remember the name but the one I bought at the stall at the farmers market (CFM) was great!!

            1. FYI
              I went to consumer direct meats, Mike told me it was Canadian AAA Certified Angus, looks great, price
              was good, now I guess it's up to me and the smoker!!
              I will post next week to let you know results.
              Thanks to everyone who replied, great web-site
              Lots of info and advice.

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              1. re: olderwiser

                Aged too I think.
                When I went I bought 2 but only smoked one.
                When I do the next one I want to spend some time trimming the fat. I found not enough of the fat had rendered during the 15 hrs of smoking.
                Good luck

                1. re: micromud

                  I wouldn't trim the fat, but instead cook longer ....

                  1. re: hawkeyeui93

                    Yes I do agree on longer as well but there was quite the fat cap on the brisket I bought I really dont think 3 hrs more would have rendered it all.
                    Shoot now I want to smoke something.

                    1. re: micromud

                      I guess I should have qualified my response. If it was exceptionally thick, I might have trimmed the fat cap a little. I just bought a 16 pound choice Angus cryovac whole brisket today. We have a date with my smoker this coming weekend.

              2. I`ve been smoking briskets for close to 20 years & I used to buy them from Foothills Meats here in High River. I think they would get them in from Cargill(?).The briskets initially were good but in later years the fat would be trimmed off them so I stopped buying them at FHM.
                Several years ago on a trip to Kalispell I discovered briskets at Walmart there so I bought two to try out. They were excellent & a very good price as well. Last year I also found them for sale at Costco`s in Montana.
                Last week on a trip to MT I picked up two.......smoked one yesterday for a party at the ranch & it was EXCELLENT.
                Of course, this doesn`t help much if you never get to MT but if you do!!

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                1. re: rancher rick

                  helps me! I am down there often. Will definitely pick a couple up next time.

                  1. re: rancher rick

                    If there is also a Sam's Club in Montana, my choice Angus briskets generally run in the $2.00/pound range for a whole cryovac packer.

                    1. re: hawkeyeui93

                      That is one thing I really envy our neighbors to the south is the cheap food. Think the site I posted has brisket for 4.10 a pound thats a far cry from 2 tho.
                      Shopping around I found some places charged as much a 6 bucks a pound trimmed tho .

                      1. re: micromud

                        You more than make up for it in what we have to pay in order to have healthcare I'm sure ....

                  2. After 15 hours in smoker, 2 hours resting covered in oven, brisket turn out great, moist, tender and smoky. In general a great cut of meat, at a decent price from Consumer Direct Meats, can't recommend them enough.
                    Attached pic is after 3 hours in smoker, when I was adding more wood chunks and refilling water pan.
                    After 8 of us attacked it last night, we still have 1/2 left, now I am searching the net, for recipes for left overs LOL
                    For those that are interested, I simply followed to directions for "Texas Brisket" as outlined at amazingribs.com, a great website full of BBQ techniques and ideas.
                    Thanks for every one, for the advice and suggestions.
                    Rancher Rick, sure wish some Canadian retail outlets carried the same range as that available south of border.

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                    1. re: olderwiser

                      The Texas Brisket directions on amazingribs.com is the most complete source for smoking brisket IMHO ....

                      1. re: hawkeyeui93

                        IMHO best web-site on BBQ & smoking on-line, easy to follow instructions and recipes, those boy's take their Q seriously, one of the few sites I have found that takes the time to explain the regional differences, I have tried some of the different rubs, I use their Columbia Gold BBQ Sauce when ever I do pulled pork and multiple people have asked for the recipe and don't believe how easy it is to make.

                    2. Sunterra (West Market Sq) usually has them. I picked one up on the weekend that was actually too big to fit on my Kamado Joe. It was the smallest one they had and weighed 6.0 kg. I had to trim about 2 kg off to get it down to a size that would fit (trimmings will make good pot roast).

                      Cooked for 12 hours over charcoal and cherry wood to internal temp of 200F. Turned out perfectly.

                      1. This an old post but I too have suffered from the lack of brisket. I found a good supplier after throwing a fit at a local butcher shop after they sold me a freezer burned piece of )^&^! DO NOT go to Calgary Meats on Edmonton Trial.

                        Master Meats is my place- N. on Center St. 120 - 40th Ave NW, not only for the smoker/BBQ but any meat need, a very good find. Highly recommend www.mastermeats.com

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                        1. re: emorden

                          How much is the brisket at Master Meats? I saw some a couple of days ago at Bon Ton (now in Crowfoot), but it seemed pretty pricey at $7/lb.

                          While it looked to be trimmed quite a bit, I'm thinking you want to keep a bit of the fat on if you are smoking?

                          1. re: djdragan

                            Can't agree more on bon ton being far to pricy . I think I asked a couple of days ago at master meats and I think they said 4 bucks a pound . Same cost as what the place I linked charged .
                            I finally used my second brisket tho ibrined this one and made corned beef it turned out outstanding .

                        2. I know this is an old thread, but I have to say thank you! I went to four grocery stores with no brisket before turning to google, finding this thread, and going to Master Meats. Should have just done that first.