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Jul 27, 2013 12:01 PM

Samuel Adams Blind Tasting Commercial

Apparently, they feel as though they're being overlooked in the craft segment and are reminding people.

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  1. Boston lager (and their beer segment in total) has been losing ground while other craft brewers are experiencing double digit growth. Their cider and tea lines are growing so fast that if they have 2 more years like the last, they will be making more cider and malternatives than beer.

    Its a shame they can't make Boston lager in their big production breweries taste the same as what they make at their pilot brewery in Boston where it tastes so fresh and hoppy. But I was impressed that the last bottle I had tasted just like I remembered the first one I had in 1991.

    1. I think Sam Adams has fallen victim to the same thing that Redhoom has. They were around before most everybody else and they are very good. Over the years they have grown so big that people forget that they are indeed very good.

      1. Indeed. I'd still rather have a Sam Adams than lot of what's out there lately. Boston Lager is a dependably good brew and nowadays available almost everywhere.