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Jul 27, 2013 11:11 AM

CSA's on Oahu?

In a thread on farmer's markets a couple of people mentioned that they get CSA boxes. I never knew such programs existed on Oahu and was surprised. Anyone care to comment on what they receive typically, how it compares to supermarket prices and quality, what the costs are? I have to admit, it's probably not something I would do as a single person household, but I'm intrigued by the idea.

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  1. I get the Kula Fields from Maui direct to my door every other week. I get bi-weekly as my husband doesn't mind the mass hysteria of KCC the other week. Town delivery for them is Saturday, mine is Friday. Yesterday I had a wonderful selection of papayas, tomatoes, kale, other lettuce, bananas, strawberries, long beans, bunches of mint. One week we got some fabulous Maui coffee. They post a list "What's in the Box" earlier in the week so you know what to plan on. They have Organic, conventional and another category of farmed items. If I had the list in front of me I could tell you exactly. We get a medium box, there are small/med/large. They are great to note preferences in what you like/allergic to etc. I have done this almost since they began and it is easy, flexible and a wonderful service. The box always comes with a fozen bottle of water to keep the produce cold and a couple weeks ago when it was really hot the interior was also lined in a puffy foil type bubble wrap to ensure coolness. I got home a couple hours after it had been delivered and everything was perfectly cool and undamaged. It has been rare that something was not top quality and all I did was email Roxanne the owner and she corrected the situation on the next box. A couple weeks ago I got some gorgeous butternut squash as well. They not only source Maui farms but all islands. There is a CSA from MA'O and while I dearly love them and their project and mission I just can't see hauling myself over the hill to town on Mondays at 5:00 to the Ala Moana area (V Lounge) for pick up. Direct to my door works for me. If you have other questions K-Man just email me ;-)

    1. I've never tried it so can't make any recommendations. Some have different sized boxes made for individuals or families. Here is a list of available csa's.

      1. Slow Food O'ahu has a list of 7 CSA's on their website. I have not signed up for one, but have seen some of the boxes others get and they look pretty good. I think you can email the SFO folks and inquire about their experiences with different CSA's.
        SFO also occasionally gets grass-fed island beef shares (1/10th of a cow) or shares of Shinsato farm pork. I have taken advantage of those offers. Members get a better price, but others can get shares if they wish.

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          thes whole list from slow food is good info

        2. I have been part of a CSA on the mainland for 8 years now and love it. Looks like my husband is getting transferred to Oahu soon, getting into another organic CSA is a priority of mine. Thanks for any additional info.

          1. I think we talked about this but I do Kula Fields direct to my door from Maui. They offer 3 size boxes weekly, every two weeks and customize to your tastes. Been doing this for about two years and love the convenience and flexibility. Call or email me with question. Unrelated but Lewer's Lounge was lovely tonight with Robert Cazimero's Jazz show, just awesome.

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              it's about $45 per box plus a membership fee, yeah? i wish i could afford a year subscription for my mom's bd, but might just settle for a 1 time delivery. for sis' bd too.

              related to your unrelated, i find myself streaming every night. FREE, and 20+ channels (styles) of jazz. contemporary vocals, sinatra style, smooth lounge, timeless classics, and vocal legends softly permeate my room.