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Jul 27, 2013 10:26 AM

One night in Birmingham

Hi 'hounds. I need some help for one dinner in Birmingham. Facts: staying at The Hilton. Have a car. With my 14 yr. old. Not looking for top-end (Highlands Bar and Grill, etc.). Maybe a meat-and-three (Nikki's West, Ted's)? BBQ? Have been to Irondale Cafe and Golden Rule BBQ. Oh, and it's a Sunday evening. Looking for the omewhat neat the Hilton would be a plus as we will be coming in From Roanoke, VA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Jim N Nicks BBQ -- my favorite

    Surin West (Thai food and sushi

    Hamburger Heaven

    Sneaky Pete's (the best chili / slaw dogs

    The Bright Star

    Get a Milo's sweet tea for the rode when you leave Birmingham.

    1. Just returned from B'ham and had a fabulous dinner with my daughter at Hot and Hot Fish Club. Seated at the Chef's bar overlooking all the action, great cuisine, reasonably priced for the quality.

      In you want to do BBQ then consider Saw's or Saw's Soul Kitchen. Tremendous Q. Just tremendous!

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        Unfortunately, none of Saw's three places are open on Sunday evenings...

      2. Nicki's West is closed Sunday nights. I concur on the Saw's recs but check their hours before you go. I think the best meat and three right now is Johnny's in Homewood but they'll be closed on Sunday nights.

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            I stillhave not eaten at Little Donkey but it gets very mixed reviews on other sites.

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              I've only been there once & it was good. I wouldn't say "out of this world", but my experience overall was a good one.

            2. re: chloebell

              Been there a few times. It's really not too good.

          2. Full Moon was pretty good last time I was in Birmingham (December, 2012). I think Saw's is possibly better if it's open. Miss Myra's is also worth considering.

            Jim & Nick's is OK, but not my favorite.

            Hot & Hot was very good, but I haven't been in a long time. Same for Nikki's West.