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Jul 27, 2013 08:46 AM

Frozen pureed lemons?

I am making a great lemon cake recipe later this week, but I am worried about the lemons staying out until then- the flies are appearing out of nowhere! The recipe calls for cooked and then pureed lemons, plus the juice of one lemon. Can I puree and juice the lemons, put them in freezer bags, and then take them out later this week for the recipe? Will it alter the lemons? Thanks!

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  1. The volatile oils in lemon peel dissipate pretty fast after grating, so freezing lemon zest is not recommended. I am not sure if that applies if you cook them first. If your lemons are already attracting flies, they may be overripe.

    1. Put them in the fridge.
      I freeze lemon zest, and lemon juice when I get back from visiting my MIL in AZ, she has a tree. I pick lots, and then juice them, freezing it in small containers.
      This year, I made limoncello from the zest.

      1. Put the lemons in the frig till you need to use them, they'll be fine.

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            Some folks I know keep them on the counter and the OP did mention the lemons staying 'out' so, I didn't want to assume. I can have lemons and limes last a month in the frig.

        1. As everyone else has said, just stick them in the fridge until you are ready to go. If you really want to start cooking them down, just stick the cooked puree into the fridge when you are done. You don't need to freeze if it's just for a few days.

          But, please post the recipe. I have an overabundant lemon tree so am always looking for good lemon recipes.

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            Here is the recipe!

            I will try and put them in the fridge, but there isn't much space for 3 bags right now! I was just thinking it would be good to get them cooked and bagged early. Thanks everyone!

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              I'm going to try that cake. I think its like one I did with oranges. It only seems to call for three lemons, not three bags of lemons. Am I missing something?

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                I am making 5 batches- so it was a lot of lemons... I cooked them and bagged them today. Put them in the fridge. I figure they will be good until I bake my cake on Friday. Thanks everyone for your input!

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                Thanks. I'll try it - let us know how it turns out.