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Jul 27, 2013 07:41 AM

3 Squares Needham Dissapointing!

Went to 3 Squares in Needham last nigh at the old Bickfords, very nice build out, but it ended right there. I had the overcooked Pork Chop with cold veg and potato ($16.95) only ate the chop, nobody questioned the rest of the plate untouched. Wife had the "Stuffed Raviolis" her entree came in a huge dish, but only 5 raviolis graced the plate! If she did not have the Calamari app with me she was leaving hungry for sure!

No manager came by, no bread, no specials, or they forgot to mention them? we sat at a table but the bartender waited on us in the dining room?
It appeared that the waitstaff was leaving early as the place was empty!
Fantastic app! crappy entree's, matter of fact service, 2 Stars for us!

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