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Jul 27, 2013 06:42 AM

Good food in the countryside around Nimes?

We'll be based in Nimes from Aug 14 to 23 so we can explore the surrounding countryside since we know nothing of lies west of the Rhone.

Any recommendations on worthwhile restaurants in the area? We'll have a rental car so will be mobile. Sorry I can't be more specific. I"m actually hoping for some restaurant recs to guide our itinerary.


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  1. Hey, our "Responsible Epicure" is back!
    This very recent thread covers your area:

    My recommendations are in two pretty villages, Collias and Castillon du Gard.
    In fact I highly recommend that you rent canoes in Collias, then row to Pont du Gard. Approaching it from the river is so breathtaking you'll fall backward into the river. A zillion times better ghan going through the stadium-size parking lot then the suburban mall complex.

    I am a sucker for ferme-auberges with their fresh igredients from the farm itself.
    I liked this ferme-auberge very much, 1 km from one of my fave Roman ruins, a lovely, complex Roman mill structure overlooking beautiful fields outside Arles.
    But it's a farm, and looks , well, like a clean nice farm. Don't expect luxury or fussy charm.
    It changed owners 2 years ago, but I was told it is still good.

    1. I'd highly recommend Uzes. I wish I remember the name of the restaurant we went to as it was wonderful and romantic. But I seem to remember that the Michelin guide lists a few different places there, and it is charming and worth a visit.