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Jul 27, 2013 06:36 AM

Beaufort NC

Going to beaufort Nc for my 8 year anniversary next weekend. I'm wanting to have dinner on the waterfront but based on reviews I'm torn between Spouters Inn and Stillwater. Any suggestions or opinions would be welcomed! Also need a cheap/light breakfast idea and a more traditional big breakfast idea! (I think I found our lunch spots)

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  1. I would probably pick Stillwater over Spouter, although they're both decent. Stillwater has a better beverage program. The boardwalk cafe serves a good breakfast right on the water.

    1. I'd probably go to Stillwater as well.

      Sharpies used to be my go-to spot in Beaufort back when they were open. When the original chef was there it was great. After that it all changed...and now they are no more.

        1. Hmmm okay, I made reservations at Spouter on the water front and had planned on doing drinks and appetizers at stillwater. Now I'm thinking about changing my mind.

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            Just had lunch at Spouter (Stillwater was closed), and it was ok. Soups are pretty good (Gumbo and Clam Chowder that was a little heavy on thyme), Crabcakes were tasty, French dip was good, but blackened mahi was overcooked. My advice would be to go to Stillwater and order app's as a meal. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, the wine and beer list is better and the cocktail program more inventive

          2. Thank you! I ended up making reservations at Stillwater and cancelled mine at Spouter. Now I'm just deciding on if I should do drinks before or after dinner? hehe