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Jul 27, 2013 02:22 AM

Smoke 'n Wings BBQ Smoke House in San Jose

A new barbecue spot by competition team Wine With Swine opened in San Jose last month. I've not checked it out yet, but I did judge the team's chili at the contest in Oakland two months ago and it was excellent. Hope to hear some reports.

Smoke 'n Wings BBQ Smoke House
916 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA
(408) 298-2326

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  1. Thanks for the update. There's generally been one new restaurant per year at that location for the past few years, in part because the places that have opened have often been mediocre. Hope this place is good and can last!


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      Fingers crossed!

      Yeah, I noticed that when I was looking for more info. The website for Wings Dip, I guess the previous occupant, is still up.

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        Within 12 months that I have lived in SJ, this is the 3rd restaurant (Thaibodia, Wings Dip, and then now Smoke 'N Wings), so hopefully it will stay around for a while. I pass by this location quite often during lunch or dinner time and the Wings Dip was always empty, so I was not surprised when it closed. On the other hand, I was quite disappointed when Thaibodia (which has another location in Santa Clara, and I did like some of their Cambodian specials) closed. They told me that they were moving to the location occupied by a horrible Chinese restaurant nearby (Mr. Chau's), but for some reasons, that didn't happen.

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          yuko, I found this old report on Santa Clara's Thaibodia. If you have any updates, it would be great if you could post them there.

    2. I've been, and its very good competition style BBQ. We've had the ribs, the tritip, and the brisket. All were great, though the brisket wasn't quite up to the same level as the tritip. The cole slaw and cheesy cornbread muffins were good sides.

      1. Checked it out on Sunday and the tri-tip was amazing. Also tried the ribs, brisket and two types of chicken wings. Everything was great.

        1. My brother said he tried the ribs. He got a whole rack. It wasn't cut into individual ribs, and the rib tips were not trimmed away. He said it was quite tender and came off the bone easily, which is more done than competition style. Can't remember what he thought of the wings other than being big.

          1. I just got back from there and like it a lot!

            I just wrote a review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/smoke-n-wings...

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              Not all odd BBQ places are good, but all good BBQ places are odd? This place definitely qualifies as odd. Smoker in the parking lot of a refurbished Taco Bell, wood stacked high in the garbage container receptacle, fast food style chicken wings dominating the menu. But the BBQ is the best we've come across in this area. Smokiness of the meats being the most distinctive characteristic indicating some serious low and slow cooking time. Agree with you about the "chewy" texture of the ribs being satisfying. Can't agree with you about the service which is almost as slow as the cooking. But as with most good Q places, you should probably call in advance anyway just to make sure they're not out of your favorites.

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                I've had barbecue from Smoking Pig,
                and Big Ed's Buzzard recently,

                Haven't been to Smoke 'n Wings yet. If you've been to the others, how does it compare?