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Jul 26, 2013 08:58 PM

3 days in Toronto for a late 20 s couple. Looking for local favorites!

Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I will be visiting Toronto in mid August. Were a couple in our late 20s and are pretty adventurous eaters. We'd like to try and visit some local favorites and were hoping for some recommendations for before dinner drinks as well. We're staying in downtown at the delta Chelsea ( though I heard they changed their name...). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Head east on the Danforth for some decent Ethiopian at Dukem. Donlands subway station, I think.

    1. Try the Queen and Beaver Pub on Elm St, it's within walking distance of your hotel.

      Also recommend spending a night in Little Italy which is a short streetcar ride along College St west of Bathurst. Little Italy has lots of neat little bars and restaurants. Sidecar and Kalendar are two personal recommendations for a nice meal in that area.

      Enjoy your visit.

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        Kalender is a horrible restaurant. I heard the food's made off site and nuked. Pretty, tho.

      2. Guu- japanese tapas is close to your hotel and has good food and fun ambience
        patria on king west has good spanish food and has a buzzing ambience (a night out feel), also it is on King west so you get a good feel for that area and there are many spots for drinks nearby
        grand electric- mexican head over for lunch in a street car and walk down queen west while indulging in some macroons from nadege and there are many places to enjoy drinks along the way
        kensington market is a fun spot to spend an afternoon, there is also a good taco spot there called seven lives
        ossington street has many good options for dinner and drinks
        Bar isabel- spanish food also good for drinks and a meal after which you can explore little italy...
        If you enjoy thai food make your way over to sukhothai (walking distance from your hotel) or sabai sabai for an inexpensive lunch
        Hope this helps!

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        1. re: akhorasanee

          I'd do Sabai for dinner rather than lunch. Much more interesting menu.

          Also in Kensington: tapas on Torito's backyard patio.

        2. Thank you everyone for your recommendations, can't wait to visit and explore!

          1. You're almost right across the street from Banh Mi Boys.

            Go there!

            Also in your area:

            I Went To Philly
            The Senator
            Beer Bistro
            Irish Embassy
            Holy Chuck (a few subway stops)
            Black Camel (a few subway stops)
            Rosedale Diner (a few subway stops)

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              is paramount the middle eastern whatever place by yonge and dundas? i was there about a month ago with some friends and it was one of the more awful restaurant experiences i've had lately, the pickles tasted like plastic. totally inedible. that was the most egregious error but there was nothing to do be said about the rest of the meal either minus the weird little flatbread pizza thing with spicy tomato sauce that was fairly great