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Jul 26, 2013 06:56 PM

Shopping/eating at the Saturday Ferry Building Farmer's Market before 8am? [San Francisco]

I have to be somewhere by 8 am tomorrow, so does anyone have any experience with buying from vendors before then? I know the market is not officially open until 8 am, but I'm hoping some are willing to at least set aside things and take my money as they set up.

Also, any good place besides Gott's that opens before 8 am for breakfast, either sit-down or one of the stands at the market? I've been going to the market for years but never that early and I couldn't find any relevant posts on this board.

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  1. Most vendors will sell to you before 8 but please be very polite. They are usually setting up and requests out of the ordinary can make the most friendly people uptight. Be more patient than usual. Star Route is not open under most circumstances. Tierra doesn't particularly like to sell before 8 but will. Yerena will sell but be very patient. Hog Island will sell but is really setting up.The vendors that sell food like Roli Roti are not really open but you can sometimes get stuff from them. There is a shorter line at Blue Bottle.

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      Ok, thanks. I've got orders in at Hog Island and with some of the others, and I'll stick to the ones I now best and cut them a lot of slack.

      I'll try to hit up Roli Roti and Blue Bottle before I have to take off.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Yes, thanks again. I got to the Ferry Building at 6:45 am and most stalls were just starting to set up, and several were not there yet. I was able to at least give a heads up to a few of the farmers I've been a regular with for years (Lucero, Pasta shop, Chue's, and Brokaw, which was the only place already selling).

          We grabbed french toast at Gott's at 7am. Blue Bottle had a line 15 deep upon opening at 7am, but it got shorter half an hour later.

          At 7:30am, I circled back to pay at each stand and also found that G&S Corn and Yerena were open for business. The Veggie Valet had started by then too.

          1. re: W42

            Thanks for sharing. It's good to know that it can be worthwhile to arrive that early.