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Jul 26, 2013 06:06 PM


about to go road-tripping through central Nevada and Utah...and New Mexico...wondering about rec's for the following places:
Fallon NV
Ely NV
Cedar City, UT
Gallup, NM ?
(I'll take answers off the air, thanks)

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  1. extra points for good Basque rec's along the way...(which I know means Fallon or Ely...) thnx

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      Ely had one of the best BAsque places in the state but it closed down in the 1980s. I don't believe there's any Basque in Ely or Fallon.

      I haven't eaten there, but people seem to like The Slanted Porch in Fallon.

      I don't know of any foodie places in Ely.

      Speaking of Ely dining, I pulled this off someone's Facebook page. They have a colorful way of phrasing wording on a receipt. I grew up in that area. I left it extra big so people could read it.

    2. I don't have any immediate ideas but maybe this will help
      My friend's husband grew up in Ely - I will ask them :)

      1. fwiw, now in Fallon...and just back from La Fiesta...v. good standard-Mexican meal...herself had a chile verde tostada (flat, fried corn tortilla, then the pork-in-chile-sauce, then chopped salad); I had pozole, among the best pozoles in my experience...large bowl of corn, meat & broth; one side bowl with cabbage, red onion, scallion (chopped small) and chopped tomato; plus a half lime and another bowl of hot-pepper flakes, the kind you associate with pizza). delicious.

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          I was about to post that I have had a few good meals at La Fiesta (including the pozole, yum!) during my wanderings across the state. My only comment is this: if you go in winter, do NOT let them seat you at the table that is just to the left of the door as you enter (we sat there once on a busy night when it was the only table left, and we darn near got frostbite. I think there is a hidden hole in the building somewhere near that table. We were cold wearing our winter coats while we ate! When I went to the restroom I noticed other parts of the restaurant did not have the cold issue....)

        2. should have mentioned: the pozole was a special white-boarded at $12.95; they charged me $10.95, no explanation. And the other special was a 20 oz margarita with a Cuervo shot on the side...

          1. two more comments. In Ely, we had dinner at Racks--American bistro food (steaks, chops, sandwiches), not bad at all; would go back.
            But Cedar City, Cedar City, lemmetellya--world-class pizza at Centro. Small menu, really thin crusts, charming service, all good. went twice: first time, had the day's special (suspiciously, it was the special the next day and the hotel manager said when he'd gone there ten days or two weeks before, it was the special--but, whatever)...the special was FIG pizza. yes, thin slices of fig on what was basically a prosciutto pizza. wonderful. Second night, we had soppressata pizza, also in a class with any pizza in our memory.
            oh, and Cuthroat Lager (named for the fish), excellent.