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Vermont - Quechee - Suggestions Pretty Please

The wife and I and our two kids (2&4) have a week in Quechee and are ready to eat like champs. We love the simple stuff, side of the road, off the beaten path farm fresh no frills kinda meals. We're not afraid to drive 1/2 or so for something great.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. sheesh, not one response?

    1. Not familiar with the area but just had lunch at Simon Pearce and it was excellent....tour the factory while waiting for your table and you will make the most of your time

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        I can't remember... how far is Queechee from Norwich? There's the King Arthur store there.

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          I second Simon Pearce. The food and service is top notch. Try to get a window table near the falls for the best ambiance. It is considered on the expensive side, but we felt it was worth it.

          King Arthur Flour store is a little north of Quechee. Maybe 20 min or so. We also visited the Grafton Village cheese and wine shop. Very nice, great cheeses.

        2. Try Windsor-It has the Harpoon Brewery, Vittles BBQ, An very good Aferican Restaurant, and the Old Train Depot Restaurant will be opening soon too.
          Windsor Farmers Market is Sundays on State St.

          1. The Hartland Diner is also worth checking out.

            1. There are lots of choices - in Woodstock, you might like Ankgor Wat, a small Cambodian place, and it's byob.
              In Lebanon NH (less than 1/2 hour east), there are the usual chain restaurants on rte 12A, but downtown Lebanon has Three Tomatoes Trattoria (excellent mid priced, supplied by local farms), Village Pizza, Peking Tokyo (pretty good Chineese). Just up the road in Hanover is Yama (excellent asian), Molly's (pizza & pub food), Thai Orchid, and the Orient.
              None of these places will stress your budget.

              1. Sorry, but I don't think I would take two young children to Simon Pierce. I think it's too upscale and expensive for what you want since you said simple stuff and off the beaten path.
                Yama in West Lebanon was very good. (Korean) The branch in Hanover was mentioned.

                If you're out and about, Brattleboro is an hour away but has a terrific farmers market with ethnic food vendors on Saturdays. I like the Humble Food truck too (great bahn mi sandwiches) but on today's facebook they said their food trailer tipped over on the road and they weren't sure when they could re-open.

                1. So driving an hour to a food truck that was in a wreck is a better suggestion than Simon Pearce? "Hey honey, there is Simon Pearce do you want to stop"? "No, let's drive an hour in hopes that the tipped over truck is back on the road"....I have a feeling Simon Pearce may win that one! (@dfrostnh, I hope you see the humor that is intended!). Simon Pearce does have a kids menu and I thought the value at lunch was great (and the factory/museum is cool and free). However, I would be a bit nervous with two children around some VERY expensive glass and think it is a better option for families at lunch than at dinner.

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                    I agree w TonyO. We've been at Simon Pearce when children were there both at lunch and early evening dinner. There's a lovely atmosphere and children seem to rise to the occasion since it's a little different than most restaurants.


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                      ok, I stand corrected. I did not remember seeing a kid's menu at Simon Pearce just remember all the expensive glassware.

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                        <<I did not remember seeing a kid's menu at Simon Pearce just remember all the expensive glassware.>>

                        Not to worry... if you (or anyone) breaks the glassware, they can always make more.


                  2. The newe Windsor Statin Rrestaurant & Bar roomis openng Aug 27th and they have done a nice job with farm to table and local microbrews at the former restaurant, Stella's in Hartland.

                    1. we had good breakfasts at the 4 Aces diner in west Lebanon,
                      good spot for kids too


                      1. Barnard Inn in Barnard Vt. Go to the pub side of restaurant. Gorgeous gardens, reasonable and excellent fresh chow.

                        1. Simon Pearce is the only restaurant we go to in Quechee. The food and service are superb; they do have a children's menu. As long as your children are well-behaved, then I should think they would be fine there. I've seen plenty of kids there, especially on Mothers and Fathers Days. If you can manage to get a table with a view of the gorgeous falls, so much the better; children should love watching them.