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Jul 26, 2013 03:34 PM

Roscioli family style/suggestions near Via del Boschetto?


ny chowhounder, excited to have a reservation in a couple of weeks for Roscioli, will be there with my wife and three teens, all adventurous eaters. Are dishes served family style or individually? I've read the carbonara and burrata are musts, any other suggestions?

we arrive the day before, I think we'll be pretty jet lagged, anything chowish near our hotel on Via del Boschetto would be great. Ideas?

many thanks!

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  1. People like L'Asino d'Oro (leaves me cold, but I'm a minority). For fine dining in the evening, Antonello Colonna, which has a bargain buffet lunch in the daytime.

    1. Roscioli is not family style, each dish is one portion - but you can definitely order many different things and share. For suggestions on Boschetto your dates are crucial to know - August closings narrow down the choices.

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        thanks, we'll be there fri, aug 9. I should say, we're not looking for a fine dining experience on fri, something simpler, but with a core roman soul.

        how would we share three pasta dishes at Roscioli among five people? pass plates around? or will they divide it up for us?

        1. re: vinouspleasure

          I am not sure if l'asino d'oro will still be open on the 9th, but it is la barrique's last open day and you could eat there, it is on boschetto.
          Sharing at roscioli: if you order three pastas and not five, you would most probably need to pass it around. Or they might bring other dishes (secondi) you ordered at the same time as the pastas so everyone has a plate in front ofthem. You will need to clarify, depending on all the things you are ordering.