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Jul 26, 2013 02:36 PM

How To Grill Beets???

I've never grilled beets before. Any tricks to it? I've seen recipes where the beets are partially cooked prior to hitting the grill. And recipes where the beets are sliced thin and cooked solely over a flame. I plan on making a beet salad w/ goat cheese. Any info on the best way to grill them would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I would wrap them in foil, oil and sand put them on the barbq, oil ans salt&peper them and put on the grill.

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      <"I would wrap them in foil, oil and sand... ">

      Please Don't this.

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        Thanks. Clearly I lost focus! My bad...

    2. Precooking and Grilling would be the way to go for that application.
      Just get some nice grill marks on you slices and re-cool.
      The thinly sliced and Grilled from raw are great but I do not6 think that the Texture or the deeply Grilled flavor would work for your salad.

      1. I did this recently and it was really good. No need to partially cook beforehand. I sliced them about 1/2" thick. Preheat grill to medium-high heat, and if using a grill pan preheat the grill pan too. Brush both sides of the beet slices with olive oil and sprinkle with s & p just before taking them outside. For good measure, I also oil the grill pan just before laying the beets on it.* Lay the beet slices in a single layer and close grill cover. Turn when charred to your liking and beets have started to soften a bit. Grill second side until charred and tests done with one end of tongs. Sorry I didn't time mine but I'd guess 10-15 minutes. Don't hold me to that. I also grilled onion slices after the beets were finished and served them together. I just covered the beets with foil and they stayed hot in the bowl while the onions cooked. Really good with dabs of goat cheese. Second time I made a balsamic dressing, but it truly wasn't necessary and I doubt I'll do it again.
        If you have a grill pan like this, it will be much easier.
        You can probably get a better deal at TJ Maxx.

        *Fold a couple dampened paper towels together into say a 3" square, dip both sides into vegetable oil. Use tongs to rub this oil onto your grill pan.

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          We occasionally slice and grill potatoes or sweet potatoes on the grill using pretty much your/Mrs Jonesey`s method (except for the goat cheese or balsamic), and they come out great.
          I've never thought about it, but I see no reason why the root-vegetable-firm beet wouldn't be just as good.

          And considering that I love beets, I also don't know why I've never thought of doing this before! lol
          This weekend seems like a fine time to try it out.

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            I've read about how delicious grilled beets taste & the smokey flavor they take on. I've been grilling out a lot lately. Have the beets... now if the weather would only cooperate! I have a few recipes I'm wanting to try. (Plan on trying the "direct" grilling method first.)

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              I think you will love grilled beets. I recently used a Martha recipe for grilled potatoes which are first cooked in vinegar. Weird what cooking in vinegar does to a potato. They stayed really really firm. If I hadn't known how long I boiled them and that I had tested them for doneness, I would have sworn they needed to be cooked longer. I liked tasting the vinegar but it was too strong. I have not otherwise grilled potatoes but will do so soon, thanks to your post. Sweet potatoes too!

          2. Wash the beets.
            Snip the greens off leaving about an inch of green stem attached.
            Wrap each beet in foil.
            Place the beet packages around the grate and roast for about an hour.
            Unwrap, and let the beets cool down so you can rub the skins off.
            That's it.
            From then on do whatever you want w them.

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              oh boy, next time we grill something I'm going to try this! I love beets. :)