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Jul 26, 2013 02:22 PM

Local (ish) source for fresh mozzarella and other caprese ingredients?

I know I can buy fresh mozz in a variety of places in Seattle, but is any made and distributed within, say, 100 mile radius?

I am on a caprese kick this summer and experimenting with different variations, and would love to find some really fresh and delicious cheese.

While I'm on the subject, anyone finding truly fabulous tomatoes at a particular farmers market this summer? What's your favorite olive oil and where do you get it?

I'm so hungry right now...

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  1. Salumi makes in-house fresh mozzarella. Metropolitan Market is serving fresh, made on-site mozzarella at the Magnolia Farmers Market on alternating Saturdays.

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      Ditto Queen Anne farmers market on Thursday. It's warm and amazing.

    2. Salumi produces their own mozz and you can buy a ball to go there. We like the deli-salad-bar mozz at Ballard Market just fine. Salumi's may be tastier, or maybe it's just exotic...

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        Met Market stretches mozz daily, they say

        1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone--in addition, I've been doing a bit of research about making your own...seems like it might be an interesting experiment!

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            Met Market also sells cut curds to make your own, and they come with an easy instruction sheet.

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              Please do bring results via HOME COOKING

            2. Salumi's is very good. Has anyone had Samish Bay fresh mozz? I just had some and it's delicious but different from others. It's salty and the texture is not as creamy.