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Jul 26, 2013 02:15 PM

Report - short trip to Gloucester

Spent the last couple of days at Good Harbor Beach, trying desperately to be a beach bum (the weather was not down with my plan).

Stopped by Savour wine shop near the commuter rail stop. My second time in there - nice guy in there enjoys talking about wine in the most unpretentious way. They have one of those fancy tasting stations with at least 15 (or more?) different wines to try for free. He steered me to a steely Chablis that he keeps as his house white.

On Wednesday, had a very good early dinner at Franklin Cafe, sitting at the small but comfortable bar. Duxbury oysters were ice-cold and neatly shucked. The linguine and clams made me happy, too. The pasta was cooked as al dente as I like and was obviously hand-made. Clams were plentiful - maybe just a wee bit of grit in a couple of them - and also cooked quite well. Great service at the bar and I had fun talking to a couple of quite awesome local ladies who were in for apps and one cocktail apiece ("honey, at our age, one is enough!").

Thursday late lunch/early dinner at Cape Ann Brewery, again at the bar. Portuguese fish stew hit the spot on a chilly/drizzly late July (!) afternoon. Fish, mussels, and clams were all as fresh as the beer (Bavarian Wheat and Fresh Hops IPA). I only wished for something more than the few lame pieces of grilled bread that accompanied the stew. (Would have loved some rice to dump in there and eat up all of the good sauce, Korean-style.)

I was staying near Charlie's Place on Bass Ave, but it was too yucky to venture out Thursday night (I was car-free and on foot) and I was still full from the stew. I was told that it's a locals' place. Wednesdays, they have $12 lobster rolls, which I found out about too late. Of course, the normal price ($15 with fries) is nothing to sneeze at, either. I didn't make it to the Cape Ann Farmers' Market in Fort Stage Park, also because of the weather (GAH!). Next time.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been curious about the Brewery and it's good to know the food is decent. It would be nice to have an alternative to Lat 43's expensive fish and chips when we want to be on the waterfront. Haven't made it to Captain Carlo's yet, though.

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      Agree, Capt Carlo's much better than Lat 43, actually most places are a better value than Lat 43.

    2. Franklin is very good, glad you liked it although, fresh pasta can not be cooked al dente unless it was dried out. Surprised you didn't try Halibut Point, real good chowda!

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        Fresh pasta can't be cooked al dente? Not sure what that means so it's news to me.

        We'll try Halibut Point some other time - thanks for the chowder tip.