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Jul 26, 2013 01:25 PM

Neehee's now? (August 2013)

I make an annual trip with my son to the Willow Run Airport air show near Detroit. Last year I'd been led to believe that Neehee's had reopened after someone drove through their front door (or the like). But to my dismay, it was still closed when I pulled up. We ended up having quite decent but forgettable Thai food at the place nearby (Royal Thai?).

Anyway, Neehee's just HAS to be open now, no? Are they on spot in their new locale? (The last time I had the pleasure, they were in their older, smaller place.)

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  1. Open Aug 10. Closed Aug 11. :-)

    1. It's open. I was there about 4 weeks ago on a weekday evening. Great food, big space, quite crowded. The Thai place you visited is Thai Bistro.

      1. Good, I plan to stop by Friday, August 9. Very glad to hear the place will be an option this time around.

        1. It was open a couple weeks ago. But I didn't go.
          I was excited to try it out, but Google told me it was closed on Sunday. I was picking someone up at DTW, and planned to eat there on my way.
          I decided to drive by just to see where it was, and alas, it was open, and very busy. I went in and grabbed a menu but didn't have time to eat.
          Looking forward to my next flight, as I'll be stopping at Neehee's on my way home.

          1. Just a side noteā€”the little Mideast joint in that strip, Canton Pita, doesn't look like anything special but has very good food. Try the shish tawook on hummus.