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Jul 26, 2013 12:23 PM

TGIF Chicken BBQ @ San Pablo/St Paul's Episcopal in Salinas

A fundraiser going on right now until 6:30pm . . . Grilled chicken leg quarter, beans, salad and a roll for $8.

I picked up a box for lunch. The chicken leg is a big one, seasoned simply with salt and pepper and infused with oak smoke from the grill. Perfunctory salad greens, mostly iceberg, with a packet of ranch dressing. But what stands out to me are these wonderful beans. Creamy textured pintos seasoned with smoky red chile pods, pieces of salty bacon, and sections of . . . HOT DOGS!

In the church parking lot across the street from
St Paul's Episcopal
1071 Pajaro St
Salinas, CA
Order by phone 831-424-7331
Free delivery for 12 or more

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