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Jul 26, 2013 12:08 PM

The old Jade Fountain, North Arlington

After having a lengthy chat today about how good the food was here, does anyone know if the owners opened another restaurant in the area? I would kill and/or die to try the food again. They had a second restaurant in Clifton as well.

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  1. Yes, remember the Jade Fountain very well. We loved eating there and then also at the Clifton location. Who could forget Yum Cha (I think that is what they called their buffet). I have never heard if the owners ever opened another location. They probably made enough money and retired. LOL

    We have found 2 great Chinese restaurants in case you are looking for a new one. T. S. Ma in Upper Montclair and Chengdu 23 in Wayne near the Willowbrook Mall. Both have excellent food IMHO. Have never had a bad meal at either place and have brought lots of people to both and they all said how good the food was.

    1. Loved The Jade Fountain! My friends and I once spent a new year's eve there. Yes, we were losers!
      Sorry, but I can't answer your question, though.

      1. I was just thinking about their buffet the other day. It was one of the best. We lived in Union and would drive a good 20 miles to go.

        1. John and Harry I do miss you both thank you for all those good years at the Jade Fountain Phil NAFD