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Jul 26, 2013 11:48 AM

Creative/Authentic Italian in Montreal

Hi all,

I have looked through the archives on this one but since things seem to have changed a bit since most of the threads were created and I didn't want to take the Impasto thread where this came up too far astray, I thought I would start a thread and ask for opinions on high quality/authentic Italian restaurants in Montreal of various levels.

So I will be in Montreal soon and thought to round out my stay with an Italian restaurant outing or 2 for now and Impasto seemed to be an appetizing option from what I am reading on here.

What would people consider other worthwhile Italian restaurants either at a high end (creativity) and/or regional authenticity/fresh clean ingredients and sure handed preparation?

So far the places which have come up most often in threads here seem to be Graziella, Nora Gray, Da Emma, Primo & Secondo, Lucca and Venti.

If I have left out a worthwhile option or if you have any opinions on those mentioned, please let me know!

Thank you

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  1. I think Hostaria is the only one missing in your good list.

    There's also a little wave of new italian restaurants in the Old Montreal that looks interesting. These two are on top of my list to try : Mangiafoco ( and Dolcetto & Co. (

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      Thanks from what I could see online, Hostaria sounds like a very nice place. Have you been and how does it compare to the others mentioned?

      The Montreal Gazette reviewer stated that their previous restaurant (Il Mulino) was the "best" Italian restaurant in Montreal before it closed; is that a widely shared opinion?

      The other 2 you mentioned looked very cute but perhaps not as refined (I didn't see as much online so I am not sure)?


    2. I would say to add Hostaria yes, and maybe the new italian on Park, Scarpetta. I've only been once but enjoyed it.

      From your list, I would say Lucca (I've heard a lot of comments that they are uneven) and Venti may be a notch below the other. Venti is still a fun place and very good, by maybe not on the same level as Graziella for example, when talking only about quality of food.

      1. I would add Beatrice (fka Bice): upscale place in Golden Square Mile. Very expensive, but worth the experience.

        Da Vinci is another longstanding place downtown that's on the upscale side, but I find they've been losing ground lately with the food.

        Otherwise your list is solid.

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        1. re: 514eats

          You can have a full lunch at Beatrice for 23.

          1. re: kpaxonite

            Didn't know that, but their dinner menu is fairly expensive.