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Jul 26, 2013 11:48 AM

Seafood near Maynard

A 28 year old Spanish man is coming to visit from Washington, D.C. His friends there said he should have some good seafood while he is here. Where would be the best place to in the Maynard area / burbs?

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  1. Kimballs in Westford (or Carlisle or Lancaster) has great seafood.

    1. Fishbones in Chelmsford wouldn't be too far, and has good seafood. Well, okay, I only went once and they did an excellent job with lazyman's lobster. It looked like they had lots of other good stuff as well.

      1. Isn't the seafood market that expanded into the former Cast Iron Kitchen space in Maynard still selling prepared seafood?

        There's also Twin Seafood in West Concord.

        1. Quaterdeck in Maynard has fresh seafood to buy. As well as cooked take out. I always call to see what they have, as they run out of things.

          Twin seafood in W. Acton and West Concord is also the same. Twin has tables, however. QUarterdeck does not. ALso the Twin Seafood in Acton is BYOB.

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            Quarterdeck is the name I was looking for in my post above.

          2. HUGE fan of Twin Seaford West Concord.