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Jul 26, 2013 11:22 AM

ISO: Sweet Spicy Pickle Recipe ALA Tony Packo's

I'm addicted to Tony Packo's Pickles. While they are not impossible to get in LA they are hard to find and a bit pricey though not as pricey as the $12 jar of bread and butters found at the recent Renegade Craft Fair in LA.

I've never Pickled anything. A friend sent her Indiana grandma's recipe which starts with a jar of Valasic Dills. I'm not sure that is the direction I want to go I was thinking of starting with Alton Brown's Sweet and Spicy recipe to see how I do and to see if it comes close.

If anyone has suggestions or recipes, I'd be grateful.

Take Care

- P.

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  1. I'm midwest (Ohio) based and have access to Packo's pickles at any local store mostly.

    I assume you mean the "Sweet Hots" ?
    I keep them around year long.

    I've got a local Farmers Mkt pickler that has a similar pickle mix.

    I can ask but who knows if she'll give up the recipe.

    I've also got a local pickler that does a mean Chow Chow that is both spicy and sweet.
    Good stuff.

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    1. re: jjjrfoodie

      I looked at the now empty jar and it's the Sweet Hots.

      I have tried other's versions of the Sweet Hot combo but nothing does it for me like the Packo's.


      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        Lately, I've seen Famous Dave's Spicy Sweet Chips in Costco. They contain lots of whole black pepper corns and hot chili flakes. Tastes pretty good for $5.00 a 64oz jar. They're probably easy to make.

        1. re: treb

          Nowhere near the same treb sadly.

          I keep both in my fridge.

          Packo's sweet hots is a creature that is addictive to many if not most.

          They do make a 64oz or 96oz jar of them last time I saw at the store.

          I'll get back at the recipe. Farmer's Mkt is Tuesday here.