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Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

(other than the Halles d'Anjou)

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

Restaurants, Shops, ...

Especially east of the "25" highway?


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    1. - capucine (in the marie-victorin cegep sports complex)
      - burger at Ciociaro
      - pasta-a-go-go
      - panini at pizzeria etcetera

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        Doesn't burger de ville have an anjou or near anjou location?

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          Tasted the burger at Ciociaro's which came dressed with an unexpected slab of cappicollo - extremely tender + tasty. Their xangos (spelling?) dessert was also very delectable. Thx for the rec!

        2. Barosso, 8670 Rue Sherbrooke Est
          very good !

          also, a nice pastry shop / bakery
          Marie Pain, 8990 Rue Sherbrooke Est

          1. Akita (6985 Jarry East, in the old Thai Japon place) has very decent sushi (best I've found in the area). The owner/sushi chef was previously at Shodan. I did not try anything from the kitchen.

            1. Burger de ville @ 7093 Jarry East, Anjou 514-678-6333

              1. Not much in the way of restaurants, a couple good Canoli shops but the two standout foodie attractions are Berchicci Foods a big box store specialized in everything Italian. They import by plane Buffula every week, they have 5 differant regional olive oils en vrac, IItalian Mushroomsevery kind of pasta right down to Italian household soaps. http://berchicci.ca/
                As well you have the great old school La Maison du Ravioli where a half dozen Italian Mama's put together the best pasta anywhere .Try their mushroom stuffed raviolis.2479 Charland.

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                  Berchicci is in St-LĂ©onard, but not too far from Anjou.

                  La Maison du Ravioli (mmmmm) is in St-Michel, and quite a bit west of Anjou. I'll have to get to Berchicci, never been there.

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                    They have one of the best selections of panettone and torrone around the holidays. Cheeses and olives oils is their forte, no doubt. They had a nice variety of cheaply-priced Italian bitter/soda drinks, such as Crodino, Stappj and even Brasilena (coffee-flavored), which I have not seen anywhere else, when I was last there.

                  2. Milano subs on jarry not to far.

                    1. Di Menna in Saint Leonard,
                      La Grotte Des Fromages also in Saint Leonard
                      Pasta A GoGo in Anjou

                      1. The canteen at Intermarché Lagoria in RDP is great for lunch. Good pizza at Pizzeria Etc on Henri Bourassa, pretty good sushi and Italian (weird mix) at Prima Luna. Other than that, it's pretty skinny.

                        1. Chiu Chow BBQ is a Chinese style charcuterie located at Jarry and 24th avenue. Masterfully roasted duck, juicy marinated bbq pork, and the finest roast pork porchetta in town. The cut that they use is prime for the meat and skin, so every client gets the best stuff. The skin, according to many is a delicacy as it is light and crunchy.Do go early-between mid day till about 5 at the latest, they usually sell out, and business is so brisk that they close Mondays and Tuesdays. When I am in the mood to picnic in my car, I go there for a lunch take out of duck on rice, or bbq and roast pork combo. It is virtually the same price as fast food, but in my opinion blows the golden arches away.