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Jul 26, 2013 10:02 AM

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

(other than the Halles d'Anjou)

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

Restaurants, Shops, ...

Especially east of the "25" highway?


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    1. - capucine (in the marie-victorin cegep sports complex)
      - burger at Ciociaro
      - pasta-a-go-go
      - panini at pizzeria etcetera

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      1. re: jptimbaud

        Doesn't burger de ville have an anjou or near anjou location?

        1. re: jptimbaud

          Tasted the burger at Ciociaro's which came dressed with an unexpected slab of cappicollo - extremely tender + tasty. Their xangos (spelling?) dessert was also very delectable. Thx for the rec!

        2. Barosso, 8670 Rue Sherbrooke Est
          very good !

          also, a nice pastry shop / bakery
          Marie Pain, 8990 Rue Sherbrooke Est

          1. Akita (6985 Jarry East, in the old Thai Japon place) has very decent sushi (best I've found in the area). The owner/sushi chef was previously at Shodan. I did not try anything from the kitchen.

            1. Burger de ville @ 7093 Jarry East, Anjou 514-678-6333